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Why Do Protests Spark Cryptocurrency Conversation?

Protest has a way of bringing cryptocurrency into the conversation. Whether it is Occupy Wall Street, or Black Lives Matter, cryptocurrency tends to attract the attention of protestors. There is a current push to defund police forces in many parts of the United States. Some defunding calls have even made it to Canada where massive protests are also taking place. What exactly does defunding do, and how might an organized group go about this? Turns out defunding is not that simple. The people are asking invested interest groups to defund another group that is protecting their interests. This is where Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enter the conversation. Defunding the government has been a theme literally from day 1 of bitcoin. As the dissatisfaction with the government increases, more people will be turned onto bitcoin as a remedy.

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Must Read: Bitcoin and Black America

One book in particular has gained steam in the recent weeks. Bitcoin and Black America by Isaiah Jackson. The book outlines the racial injustices taking place in the American Financial World. Jackson makes the case that bitcoin is the way out of the swath of money traps laid for black Americans. While many people are calling for the defunding of the police, a case can be made that the only way to do this is to defund the government. Isaiah argues that both can be achieved, through the adoption of bitcoin and other blockchain based technologies. Bitcoin presents an opportunity for black Americans to voluntarily exit the American economy. Through the adoption of a non-sovereign currency, this effectively achieves the primary goal of defunding the government, and thus the police. Listen to a full conversation with Isaiah Jackson, conducted by cryptocurrency personality Anthony Pompliano.

Another Stepping Stone for Bitcoin

Bitcoin represents different things to different people. For some, it represents financial freedom, for others it is liberation from the shackles of the current financial paradigm. Regardless of the reason that one is supporting bitcoin, groups from many different backgrounds can find common ground in the currency. This in essence is actually what money is supposed to be about in the first place. Money is a belief system that allows individuals to collaborate with one another easily. Without money, it is extraordinarily difficult to organize, and collaborate with one other on common goals, at scale.

If the world has any hope at tackling massive issues like racial injustice, organized groups will have difficulties if they use monetary systems that inherently support these same injustices. Bitcoin was built specifically to deal with these inequalities. This is why bitcoin has crawled over the world, collecting support from all different walks of life. The values of bitcoin in general resonate with ordinary people experiencing injustices. This lends more credence to the notion of bitcoin as a currency that supports the average, and ordinary individual. 

Bitcoin is a Peaceful Protest

Many adopters of bitcoin understand that cryptocurrency is a worldwide peaceful protest on the state of our financial system. Bitcoin has steadily been gaining traction all over the world because it actually works as a mechanism to dismantle unjust power structures. Yes bitcoin comes with endless fun memes, and stories, but at the end of the day, that’s not what is going to fuel adoption. Solving real problems for real people on a global scale is what is going to propel bitcoin into the hands of the masses. Protests spark cryptocurrency conversation because crypto itself was birthed as a protest to the financial system.

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