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AdvCash Credit Card Review 2024

AdvCash is an online payment network that is similar to traditional forms of digital finance found around the internet such as PayPal. However, there are many integrations with cryptocurrency found on this platform. Additionally,  AdvCash has its own debit card offering that allows users to spend the money associated with their AdvCash accounts. Uniquely, there are few requirements involved with verifying user identities on the AdvCash platform. While verified users are able to gain access to more features, users of the AdvCash crypto debit card don’t necessarily need to turn over much personally-identifying information to the company behind the platform. The platform also has a partnership with Binance, which is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. However, this Bitcoin debit card is not currently available in the United States, and visitors to the AdvCash website from the United States are actually blocked from viewing the website.

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AdvCash Mastercard Overview

AdvCash Credit Card

AdvCash Credit Card

  • Available in Russia and most of Europe
  • Supports a variety of cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, and ZEC
  • Good card for users who value privacy
  • Costs $14.99 for physical card
  • Exists on the AdvCash network, which offers a number of different features
Cryptocurrencies Supported 6
Rewards None

AdvCash Pros & Cons


  • Works on Visa and Mastercard networks

  • Allows some use of the card without verification

  • USD option availble in Europe

  • Free transfers between ADV users

  • Multi-currency accounts

  • Partnered with Binance

  • No proprietary token


  • Currently only available in Russia and most of Europe

  • Card is not free

  • Fees for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals hidden in exchange rates

What is the AdvCash Crypto Credit Card?

The AdvCash Bitcoin debit card is part of the larger AdvCash online payments network. This online financial network is similar to something like PayPal or Skrill. This particular cryptocurrency debit card is currently only available in Russia and Europe, although accounts in those regions can be denominated in US dollars. The cryptocurrency integration with this card is not one of its main features, instead it is simply an addition to a variety of other products and services already offered by AdvCash.

What are the Benefits of AdvCash Crypto Credit Card?

When most people think about the benefits associated with a credit card, they’re mainly concerned about the various cashback rewards that are available on purchases made with the card. You won’t find any cashback rewards with the AdvCash crypto credit card; however, there are three key advantages to look at with this crypto prepaid card offering.

The biggest advantage of the AdvCash crypto debit card for most users will be the ability to use the card with limited requirements regarding the user’s identity. Having said that, the limits on how much money can be added to the card and how often it can be used are much stricter if the user does not go through a verification process.

Another benefit of the AdvCash Bitcoin credit card for some users will be the partnership with Binance. This is the largest crypto asset exchange in the world, and it has AdvCash as a deposit option for some fiat currencies. This integration makes it easy for Binance users to move funds between the account associated with their crypto debit card and the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

One last perk of having an AdvCash account is that transfers between AdvCash users do not have any fees. So, if you want to send your friend some money or get paid for a good or service that you’ve produced, you won’t have to worry about processing fees.

The AdvCash card

Potential AdvCash Crypto Credit Card Dealbreakers

There are three key dealbreakers to watch out for when it comes to the AdvCash crypto prepaid card: the limited number of countries where it is available, lack of transparency with cryptocurrency fees, and the uncertainty that surrounds online financial platforms that aren’t extremely strict when it comes to complying with global regulations.

For now, the AdvCash Bitcoin debit card is only available in Russia and Europe. In fact, the company’s services are not even available to all countries in Europe, just most of them. That said, it may be rather easy to get around this restriction, as some of AdvCash’s features are available without having to turn over any form of real-world identification.

For some, the way cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals work with the AdvCash debit card could be another dealbreaker. Instead of charging a percentage rate on these sorts of transactions, AdvCash simply offers deposits and withdrawals at an exchange rate of their choosing. This lack of transparency on the real cost of transaction with cryptocurrencies on the platform can be a turn off for some potential users. That said, the real rates involved in these transactions are still reasonable.

One last potentially-negative point that needs to be made with AdvCash is that platforms that do not go above and beyond when it comes to complying with financial regulations around the world should be viewed as at least somewhat risky. If this platform is not collecting enough information about its users, there could be a lot of criminal activity happening on the platform. Eventually, it’s possible that the funds in your account could be frozen in a regulatory clampdown, at least for some period of time.

Is the AdvCash Crypto Credit Card Right for Me?

If you’re someone who is looking to retain a higher degree of privacy with your crypto debit card, then you may be interested in what AdvCash has to offer. But again, your account will be somewhat limited if you do not go through the full verification process.

If you’re not looking for a high degree of privacy, then you may want to look for a better regulated option that is compliant with all of the local laws in your jurisdiction.

AdvCash Frequently Asked Questions

AdvCash will only collect a limited amount of information from users before allowing them to gain access to a crypto debit card. However, there are restrictions on how much the card can be used if the user has not passed a verification process. Once the user is verified, the limits on their Bitcoin debit card will be lifted.

The fees associated with your AdvCash card will depend on whether you are located in Russia or Europe, but they tend to be roughly the same and just denominated in different currencies.

The cost of ordering the card in the first place is $14.99. However, there are no monthly or yearly maintenance fees to worry about after this first fee is paid. That said, you will need to pay this fee again in a situation where you’ve lost your card and need to have it replaced. There is also a virtual card that can be obtained for a lower price.

In terms of loading funds onto the card, there is a $0.99 fee per load. For cryptocurrency users, it should be noted that you will also be paying a hidden fee (via the exchange rates used by AdvCash) when you initially load Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency into your AdvCash account.

At the ATM, you will be charged a $1.99 fee for making a withdrawal. If you just want to check your balance at the ATM, you will be charged $0.50.

There are no fees added to purchases made in the same currency as your card. If the purchase is made with a merchant who is asking for a different currency, a 2.95% fee will be added to the transaction.

Note that there are also fees associated with the various deposit and withdrawal methods available with this card.

The AdvCash crypto debit card is not available to residents of the United States. However, there also aren’t many serious checks on this rule that has been implemented by the payments platform.

The limits associated with the AdvCash crypto prepaid card can be rather high, but it’s important to remember that these high limits are only available to verified users. The daily limit for loading funds onto the card or withdrawing funds from an ATM are $3,000 per day. There is also a $10,000 limit on purchases per day.

The process for signing up for an AdvCash is rather simple. Once you are on the AdvCash homepage, you should see a button that says “Create Account.” You will need to create your AdvCash account before you can gain access to your crypto debit card. You will only need to provide basic information when you initially create your account, such as a name and email address. Notably, AdvCash does not check to see if this information is accurate.

Once you have created an account and logged into the web portal, you can start the process of getting a prepaid card for your account by clicking the “Add Card” button in the bottom left corner of your account page.

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