What is Bitcoin SV? Comprehensive Guide

Bitcoin SV is yet another fork of Bitcoin with a special emphasis on planning for the future with increased block sizes. The SV stands for Satoshi Vision and the founders of the project believe it is the purest form of BTC available.

Guide to Buying Bitcoin SV

The Benefits PRO's
  • Fast transactions
  • Huge potential for scalability
  • Plenty of utility with tokens, smart contracts and more
  • Strong developer support
The Downside CON's
  • Not listed on several exchanges
  • Hasn’t realized full potential
  • Relatively low volume

General Overview

Bitcoin, as the original cryptocurrency, has experienced numerous forks over its lifetime and Bitcoin SV is one of the most controversial. SV stands for Satoshi Vision, in reference to anonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, and that tells you a lot about why the coin exists in the first place. The coin is actually a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash, which itself was a fork of the original Bitcoin. The team behind Bitcoin SV wants restore the original goal of Bitcoin, which was to be a peer-to-peer electronic cash. The team has specifically focused on improving scalability, stability, and security, with the goal of providing safe, nearly instant transactions.

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General Overview


All-Time Low: $36.87 USD (Nov. 23, 2018)
All-Time High: $255.88 USD (June 22, 2019)

Market Cap

All-time high: $4.2 billion (June 22, 2019)
Current: $1.6 billion


Current: 18,068,415
Max: 21,000,000


Rating: Medium
Speed: (Up to 400 transactions per second)


Rating: Medium
Reason: Bitcoin SV inherits its disbursement from Bitcoin Cash, which itself, inherits from Bitcoin. These coins are relatively well disbursed throughout the cryptocurrency community.

Developer Engagement

Rating: Medium
Reason: The team behind Bitcoin SV has huge plans for the future with an eye on the enterprise sector. Updates have been fairly frequent.


Rating: Medium
Reason: Bitcoin SV is generally one of the top 20 most traded cryptocurrencies and has shown some resilience over its first couple years of existence.

History of Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV was born out of a disagreement over the future of Bitcoin Cash back in 2018. Bitcoin Cash was itself a fork of Bitcoin that was created in 2017.

In 2018, Bitcoin Cash was split between two competing camps. The first camp, which was spearheaded by entrepreneur Roger Ver and Jihan Wu of Bitmain, believed that Bitcoin Cash should maintain its block size of 8mb. Meanwhile the second camp, led by bombastic businessmen Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre, believed the block size should be increased to 128mb to deal with scalability issues in the future.

In the end Wright and Ayre helped launch Bitcoin SV, short for Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision, with the drastically increased block size of 128mb per block. It’s markedly different than the original Bitcoin, which has a block size of just 1mb.

The idea behind a larger block size is that it would help increase the throughput of transactions and keep fees low.

The split between Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash was a contentious one, with Craig Wright and company spending a considerable amount of effort into something called a “hash war” against Roger Ver and Bitcoin Cash.

In the end both coins survived but Bitcoin Cash generally remained more popular. Wright, in particular, remains a polarizing figure in the cryptocurrency world with plenty of fans and hardcore critics. Bitcoin SV still boosts a passionate user base, however, and there are people believe it has massive potential in the future thanks to its large block size and developer engagement.

One area that Bitcoin SV may be positioned to uniquely benefit is enterprise and business. Thanks to its massive block size, Bitcoin SV could potentially be a very reliable structure to build a business upon.

Interestingly Bitcoin SV hasn’t come anywhere near scratching the limits of its block size. At this point it’s only utilizing a small fraction of its potential block size limits.

How Do I Actually Buy Bitcoin SV?

The most popular way to purchase Bitcoin SV (and most cryptocurrency in general) is through the use of a crypto exchange. Crypto exchanges are widely available around the world and have become much more reliable in recent years. While we don’t recommend leaving large amounts of cryptocurrency on an exchange it’s definitely the best way to actually purchase Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin SV is listed by most major cryptocurrency exchanges (with the exception of Binance). Here’s a look at some of the exchanges where you can purchase BSV:

Advantages of Bitcoin SV

The advantages of Bitcoin SV are mostly its dramatically increased block size which could make it more future proof than the original Bitcoin or even Bitcoin Cash.

The idea is that Bitcoin SV is better positioned to actually be used as currency for day-to-day transactions. Theoretically Bitcoin SV can handle more transactions than Bitcoin but it has yet to come close to the volume of the original Bitcoin.

One area that Bitcoin SV has excelled in is keeping fees low. In general the transaction fees on Bitcoin SV are less than those on Bitcoin Cash and significantly lower than the fees attached to the original Bitcoin.

There is also a ton of potential in Bitcoin SV if it ever gets fully embraced by the enterprise market.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV doesn’t have anywhere near the volume of Bitcoin, which puts it at a distinct disadvantage. Bitcoin SV also lags behind Bitcoin Cash.

Without getting significant volume its hard to say if Bitcoin SV’s technological upgrades will actually matter that much.

Businessman Craig Wright, the man behind Bitcoin SV, is also one of the most controversial figures in the cryptocurrency world, with claims to be the inventor of the original Bitcoin (Satoshi Nakamoto).

One thing that Bitcoin SV does not have, that Bitcoin does, is the lack of leadership. This is both a pro and a con for Bitcoin. Without a formal leader, Bitcoin remains the peoples currency, which some argue is the original intention of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin SV Frequently Asked Questions

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