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Ledger Nano X Review: Is it The Best Crypto Wallet?

The Ledger Nano X is a high-end cryptocurrency hardware wallet that offers an impressive amount of features as well as top-tier security. The Ledger Nano X, along with the rest of Ledger’s products, such as the Ledger Nano S, have been extremely well received in the cryptocurrency community.

The security of the hardware wallet, and its ability to send and receive over 1300 crypto assets and tokens make the Ledger Nano X, and the rest of the Ledger product line, extremely popular. Our Ledger Nano X review will help you decide if it is right for you.

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Pros & Cons


  • Supports over 1300 crypto assets and tokens

  • Bluetooth enabled

  • Supports all major desktop and mobile operating systems

  • Private keys stored inside hardware wallet’s chip

  • Stores up to 100 applications including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana


  • Fairly expensive

  • Cannot store more than 100 applications

  • Bluetooth only compatible with mobile app, not desktop

  • No assets or tokens can be purchased through Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X at a Glance

Wallet Type
Trust rating
Overall rating

Best Features of the Ledger Nano X

Supports Thousands of Cryptocurrencies

Our Ledger Nano X review has found that the cryptocurrency hardware wallet supports over 1300 crypto assets and tokens, meaning that almost any cryptocurrency you can think of can be stored on the wallet. Ledger provides detailed technical support, as both physical instructions are included with the wallet, and online instructions and troubleshooting.

Bluetooth and Larger Screen

It has secure Bluetooth capability which makes it even easier to use than the Nano S and it has a larger screen so it is easier to read as well.

Storage Capacity

Most Ledger Nano X reviews also highlight the large storage capacity for up to 100 applications meaning you can hold most, if not all your crypto assets on one device, making it extremely convenient as well.


It should go without saying that the best security feature of any cold storage wallet is the level of security and the Ledger Nano X does not disappoint in that category. It features the legendary Ledger quality and serves as a fortress to anyone attempting to steal your crypto. We’ll have more on that in a minute.

Ledger Nano X

What Cryptocurrencies Are Supported?

The Ledger Nano X supports over 1300 coins and tokens including all the major ones such as BitcoinEthereumEOS and Litecoin and up to 1,250 ERC-20 tokens.

Here are some of the major cryptocurrencies that the Ledger Nano X supports:

For a full list of supported crypto assets and tokens please visit the official Ledger website.

Is the Ledger Nano X Safe?

Put simply: the Ledger Nano X is one of the safest devices on the planet to secure crypto.

Ledger has created its own operating system that the hardware wallet runs on called BOLOS and is the only company to provide this. Your private keys are stored and isolated inside the device on the most secure chip on the market. A PIN code is required to access the hardware wallet, and all transactions and changes made to the wallet’s settings must be confirmed by pressing the two physical buttons on the wallet.

In addition to the PIN, the Ledger Nano X allows for a passphrase to be created. Using this feature creates a separate account on the wallet, where you can store whichever assets you want, meaning even if your PIN is compromised, whatever accounts and assets you have stored with the extra passphrase cannot be accessed.

Finally, the Ledger Nano X uses a 24-word recovery phrase, rather than the standard 12-word phrase frequently seen for software wallets. This makes it even harder for your device, and therefore your assets, to be compromised.

Are there any downsides? Some crypto purists don’t love the idea of a Bluetooth connection, which potentially opens up more attack vectors, but Bluetooth has been remarkably secure over the years.

Is the Ledger Nano X safe? We can conclusively say yes.

Ledger Live App

The hardware wallets Ledger offers such as the Nano X and Nano S are some of the best hardware cryptocurrency wallets on the market, but that’s not the only product the company offers.

The Ledger Live app brings users convenient ways to buy, swap, stake, and lend their crypto, all with the security of their Ledger hardware wallet. Integrated payment providers, decentralized exchanges, and much more make Ledger Live a great way to view and manage your crypto portfolio.

Ledger Live is a free app available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. 

Simply visit the official Ledger Live page, and install the version that’s right for you. Then, connect your Ledger device to your computer using the provided USB cable. Next, open the Ledger Live app and complete your setup by following the on-screen instructions. During these steps, you will be able to either create a new account or restore an existing one.

What is Ledger Recover? Why is it So Controversial?

Ledger Recover is an opt-in recovery service by Coincover that Ledger launched in 2023 with a fair amount of criticism from hardcore crypto users.

In the simplest terms Ledger Recover works by creating a back-up of your recovery phrase and then splitting it into fragments. Those fragments are shared between several three entities. If you lose your Ledger device and recovery phrase than you can contact the three companies and potentially recover all your crypto. It’s an interesting service considering millions if not billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin has been misplaced over the years.

There are many crypto users, however, who don’t like the idea of any company holding their private keys in any capacity.

We’d suggest simply opting out of Ledger Recover if you have similar concerns but there are also plenty of other hardware wallets like Trezor and Tangem if you want to explore other options.

What’s in the Nano X Box?

The Ledger Nano X comes with the device, a set of instructions and USB-C cable for hooking it up to a computer and a sheet to write your recovery phrase.

Please note you’ll need a computer or mobile device to actually set up the Ledger Nano X for the time.

Supported Operating Systems

The Ledger Nano X cryptocurrency hardware wallet supports 64-bit desktop computer operating systems Windows 8 and up, macOS 10.8 and up, and Linux.

It is also compatible with phones with either Android 7 and up, or iOS 9 and up through the magic of bluetooth.

All of the Ledger Nano X’s communication goes its proprietary Ledger Live app, which actually offers a wealth of different cryptocurrency features including a portfolio tracker and even the ability to purchase cryptocurrency in some jurisdictions. Ledger Live also offers support for a variety of different functions in crypto including staking, DeFi, NFTs and more.

Potential Dealbreakers

The main downside with using the Ledger Nano X cryptocurrency hardware wallet is that it costs a significant amount of money. The Ledger Nano X retails for $149.

Some Ledger Nano X reviews will also point out the fact that Ledger, the company, had some of its user data leaked thanks to hackers in the summer of 2020. That data didn’t compromise devices but it did include some personal information like names and physical addresses. Some critics have argued that information shouldn’t even be required in the first place.

In addition some users will probably prefer the bigger touchscreens of devices like the Trezor Model T. That’s really an apples to oranges comparison and will likely come down to user preference.

The fact remains, however, that the Ledger Nano X is an extremely secure device. Aside from the cost there are very few downsides to the Nano X.

Ledger Nano S Plus vs Nano X

There are a few main differences between the Ledger Nano S Plus and Ledger Nano X. 

The first difference is that the Nano X has 2 MB of storage space compared to 1.5 MB for the Nano S Plus. This means you can store more crypto apps on the X than on the S Plus. The Nano X also has a larger screen than the Nano S.

The next difference is that the Nano X has Bluetooth capabilities while the Nano S Plus doesn’t, which also means that the Nano S isn’t compatible with iOS while the Nano X is. 

The final difference between the Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano X is the price. The Nano S Plus is almost $100 cheaper than the Nano X.

Is Ledger Nano X Still the Best in 2024?

While people have different needs from their hardware wallets, it’s hard to argue with anyone ranking the Ledger Nano X as the best crypto wallet.

Ledger has one of the best reputations for security in the entire crypto market and the Ledger Nano X is their flagship device.

It’s still easy to pocket but the screen is noticeably bigger than the smaller Nano S Plus and it also offers Bluetooth, which makes it much easier to connect to iPhones and Androids using the Ledger Live mobile app.

There are still a few quibbles about the Ledger Nano X. Mainly its high cost and the learning curve for using it but you can’t really go wrong with the device.

For now, the Nano X remains the best Ledger device on the market (and arguably the best overall crypto wallet) but we’ll have to see what Ledger releases in the coming years.

Ledger Nano X Frequently Asked Questions

The Ledger Nano X is so expensive because of its storage size, larger screen and Bluetooth capabilities. If the Ledger Nano X is out of your price range, Ledger also offers the Ledger Nano S, which is almost half the cost.

No, the Ledger Nano X does not have a touch screen. It has a built-in display which can be navigated with the two buttons on the top of the wallet.

No, the Ledger Nano X is not safer than the Nano S. Both hardware wallets use the same security chip, require a PIN code for access, and have a 24-word recovery phrase as backup. The main advantage the Ledger Nano X has over the Nano S is its ability to use Bluetooth and its increased storage capacity for applications.

No, Bluetooth does not make the Ledger Nano X hackable. This is because regardless of whether a transaction is sent via Bluetooth or through a software wallet app on your desktop, it still only exposes the public key required to fulfill the transaction. Your private keys are never exposed whether a transaction is done wirelessly or wired.

Some people buy both the Ledger Nano X and the Nano S because they already had a Nano S but would like the upgraded features of the Nano X, such as Bluetooth or added storage space.

Other people just want another back-up device. Basically the “All your eggs in one basket” problem.

No, the Ledger Nano X is not shockproof or waterproof. Dropping the wallet could cause damage to its internal technology, but assets can always be recovered with your seed phrase.

No, you cannot use your Ledger Nano X with Exodus Wallet. Exodus Wallet only supports the Trezor One and Trezor Model T hardware wallets at this time. The Ledger Nano X can be used with other software wallets such as MetaMask and MyEtherWallet along with 15 other software wallets.

Yes. The corresponding Ledger Live App offers a variety of different crypto apps including staking, DeFi and NFTs. Keep in mind these apps will be somewhat restricted depending on where you live.

If you lose your Ledger Nano X, your funds are not lost. You can recover access to all your assets by buying a new Ledger device (doesn’t have to be another Nano X), and using the 24-word recovery phrase you wrote down when you first set up your Nano X to recover the wallet addresses you had on the device you lost. There is also a Ledger Recover subscription service.

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Ledger Nano X

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