Comprehensive KuCoin Exchange Review 2020

KuCoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange that has quickly developed a fervent fan base thanks to its intuitive design and high level of security. The exchange is based in Hong Kong but it has a number of international investors, which helps position it as a truly international organization. It’s sometimes referred to as “The People’s Exchange”.

KuCoin Exchange Overview


  • Relatively new exchange
  • Extremely simple sign-up process
  • Very high level of security
  • Users can invest in the success of KuCoin through KuCoin Shares

KuCoin General Overview

The Benefits PRO's
  • Users can invest in the success of KuCoin through KuCoin Shares
  • Integration with Arwen allows users to trade without depositing their funds to a third party wallet
  • KuCoin’s dedication to quickly adding new, innovative crypto assets means users have access to a large number of trading pairs
The Downside CON's
  • This is a crypto-only exchange, meaning there is no way to make transfers to or from a bank account
  • KuCoin does not have the trading volumes found at some of the more established platforms
  • As a relatively young exchange, KuCoin does not have the same level of credibility in terms of security as some of the older exchanges that have existed for five or more years

KuCoin at a Glance

Trust rating
Overall rating

Funding Methods

Funding Method Deposit Withdrawal Speed
Bank Account (ACH) No No n/a
Credit Card No No n/a
Debit Card No No n/a
Wire Transfer No No n/a

KuCoin Sign-up Process

KuCoin Exchange Homepage


Being a crypto-only exchange, the sign-up process at KuCoin is extremely simple. Here is all of the information that is required to make a new account:

  • Email address or a phone number

KuCoin Exchange Sign Up Form for Email

Seriously, that’s it. Once you provide KuCoin with your email address or phone number, you will then be asked to input a verification code that was sent to you. After that, you’ll be ready to start trading.


What You Can Buy

There are over 100 cryptocurrencies available for trade on KuCoin. Here are some of the most popular crypto assets that can be purchased on the KuCoin platform:

KuCoin Supported Applications

In addition to offering the ability to trade on all major desktop operating systems (MacOS, Windows and Linux), KuCoin also has apps available on both the Android and iOS app stores. KuCoin also has an internal risk department that investigates any potential shady business on the site.

Is KuCoin Safe?

Yes. KuCoin is considered one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges thanks to its stellar reputation over the years and its high volume of trades. The site also offers two-factor authentication for its users. To date the site has never been hacked, which is a stark contrast to some of the competing exchanges. It’s worth noting that because KuCoin is crypto-only it has slightly differently security protocols than sites that except fiat (paper) currency.

Customer support is also quite strong on KuCoin and you can always send concerns directly to the staff.

Keep in mind that it’s generally not a good idea to keep large amounts of cryptocurrency on an exchange as several high-profile exchanges have been hacked in the past. If you have a large amount of cryptocurrency we recommend getting a personal crypto wallet.


While all KuCoin markets have a 0.1% trading fee, users are able to receive a discounted rate by holding KuCoin Shares. Users receive a 1% discount on fees for every 1,000 KuCoin Shares they hold. There is a maximum trading fee discount of 30%.

Unique Aspects of Kucoin

KuCoin has a number of features and programs that it uses to set itself apart from some of the other, similarly-sized exchanges on the market.

In terms of bonuses, KuCoin regularly runs trading competitions allow the top traders to earn even more. Many of these competitions give out rewards to the top 50 users in terms of the trading volume around a particular crypto asset.

Another unique aspect of KuCoin comes in the form of higher security found via the Arwen protocol. This platform uses technology somewhat similar to Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, which allows users to remain in complete control of their funds instead of having to trust the exchange with cryptocurrency holdings.

KuCoin Referral Program

KuCoin’s referral program allows users to profit from getting other people to sign up for an account at the exchange. When a user invites someone to the exchange, that initial user will receive up to 20% of the trading fees incurred by the invited user for the first year of their time on the platform.


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