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StockMarketEye Review

One of the most fun things about investing in crypto, stocks, ETFs, or your vehicle of choice, is keeping track of the value of your assets. Depending on when you invested, it may be less fun for you than it is for others to see their portfolio values. Regardless of when you entered the market, it’s important to keep track of your holdings in order to make decisions such as selling, rebalancing, or buying more. These decisions can be made easier when you can easily track your investment values, but what’s the best way to do so?

StockMarketEye is one of the best ways to do so. You can set up and manage an unlimited number of portfolios, organized in any way you see fit, and in any currency.

Find out if StockMarketEye is right for you in our review.

StockMarketEye Review

StockMarketEye Logo


  • Track and manage an unlimited number of investments in one place
  • Import multiple brokerage accounts to track and automatically get up-to-date data
  • Set up alerts to notify you to market changes, allowing you to react in time
  • Perfect for trading communities
Cryptocurrencies: 10,000+
Platforms supported: Windows, Mac, Linux


  • Track and manage an unlimited number of investments

  • Create portfolios in any way you want, in any currency

  • Set up watchlists and stock alerts

  • Easily import data from brokerages, or QIF, OFX and CSV files


  • Limited crypto support

  • Pricing data isn’t realtime

  • Cost

Best Features of StockMarketEye

To say StockMarketEye is a comprehensive product would be an understatement. You can track tens of thousands of different assets with options for multiple portfolios.

Here’s a look at our favorite features of StockMarketEye:

Portfolio Tracker

StockMarketEye’s portfolio tracker is arguably its most powerful feature. You can manage all your investment accounts in one place, and easily import your data into StockMarketEye using something like a QIF or CSV. You can group portfolios in endless ways, and run reports on the combined holdings. There’s cost basis tracking, dividend reports, and much more.

Comparison Charting

With StockMarketEye, you can quickly examine and understand how a stock has performed in the past using their stock chart comparison tool. With StockMarketEye, you can view the performance of individual stocks and do side-by-side comparisons, comparing the performance of one stock to another with context.

Improve your analysis by adding comparison stock symbols to a chart, helping you simultaneously view multiple stocks and gain a deeper understanding of their performance in the stock market. Use any symbol as your comparison benchmark; an index, an ETF that mirrors one, or any other comp you want to make.

Portfolio Reports

StockMarketEye allows you to create six different types of professional investment reports. These reports include:

  • Allocation Report: View how your investments are allocated, see allocation percentages with pie charts, access raw percentages for more detail
  • Summary Report: Look at your portfolio’s performance, historical market value, cash flows, and much more. Can be viewed in timeframes or date ranges.
  • Transactions Report: See all past and present transactions from your portfolio and investment strategies in a complete report. Using insights from values such as gain/loss, total return, and more can improve your investment strategy
  • Gain/Loss Report: The Gain/Loss report shows you where you have gained or lost across your investments.
  • Total Return Report: View how your investments are allocated and see where adjustments need to be made. See pie charts and access raw percentages.
  • Back-in-Time Report: Get a quick look at your portfolio’s performance, historical market value, cash flows, distributions, and purchases/sales in a summary report.


Is StockMarketEye Safe?

Yes, StockMarketEye is a safe platform to use. Any portfolios and watchlists that you make on StockMarketEye stay in the app on your device. Unless you are using StockMarketEye’s on-line synchronization service, your data is never sent or uploaded to an external computer or server.

When using StockMarketEye’s on-line synchronization service, your data is sent and stored securely on their web server. That data is only accessible with your username and password. The on-line synchronization service is an optional feature and has to be explicitly activated.

You can also set up a password protecting your StockMarketEye data on your computer. When password protection is enabled, the data on your computer is encrypted and a password is required to open StockMarketEye.

Supported Operating Systems

StockMarketEye is available as a desktop application on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Mobile support for iOS and Android devices is coming soon. The mobile app will still require you to have the desktop app.

StockMarketEye dashboard

A look at the StockMarketEye Desktop. Courtesy of StockMarketEye.

Supported Operating Systems

You can access your full crypto portfolio with CoinStats via any of your devices. In terms of mobile support, CoinStats is available on both Android and iOS devices.

You can also access your CoinStats account via your web browser on your laptop or desktop computer. There is even an extension available for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Potential Dealbreakers

There are really only two potential dealbreakers when it comes to StockMarketEye. The first is that there is a yearly subscription price. While it is powerful software and a reasonable cost per month, there are also free portfolio trackers available on the market. Some may prefer to use free applications over paying, though offering a free trial is a good way to incentivize people to try the app and convert them to it.

The other potential dealbreaker is that the price quotes are delayed and not in real time. This means that for someone like a daytrader, the platform is all but useless. It also means that there are delays in the prices you receive when making decisions. While not as serious as if you’re a daytrader, it’s certainly possible that that delay could affect your decision to make a purchase or sale at some point.

StockMarketEye Frequently Asked Questions

StockMarketEye is suited towards every investor except for a day trader, as it’s not an integrated trading platform with real-time data.

A StockMarketEye subscription is $74.99 USD per year.

Yes, there is a free 14-day trial.

There are minor functional limits when using a free trial which are: no backup/restore of portfolio, no online synchronization, and a watermark on printed pages.

No, quotes on StockMarketEye are delayed quotes from Yahoo Finance, TwelveData and MSN Money.

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