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WEISS Ratings Agency Puts Ethereum Above Bitcoin

For the average person, forming an opinion about which cryptocurrency is best is tough. Researching each and every aspect can be time consuming, and you don’t always know what factors count. This is true for the regular world of stocks and investments as well. There are just so many investments out there, and you want to be sure that you’re investing your money wisely. That’s precisely the mandate of one ratings agency. WEISS has the job of rating investment on a variety of metrics they’ve deemed to be meaningful in determining its viability as an investment. Now, WEISS has ventured into the cryptocurrency space, and has rated Ethereum above Bitcoin.

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Know What your Buying With FCAS

Here at CryptoVantage, we think it is important to rate and review the various cryptocurrencies on a variety of metrics. That’s why we use FCAS, the WEISS equivalent in the crypto world. FCAS, or the fundamental crypto asset score is very similar to how WEISS evaluates regular investments. The difference is that FCAS is modernized for cryptocurrency. Using state of the art “chain walking” technology, FCAS is able to transform blockchain data into a universal model. This allows FCAS to pull and compare insights across blockchains seamlessly. The thing that WEISS and FCAS have in common, is that they’ve both rated Ethereum above Bitcoin.

WEISS Crypto Ratings

It was only a matter of time before WEISS joined the world of cryptocurrency. WEISS has built up considerable credibility in the regular world of investments for rating and accessing the viability of investments. The WEISS rating is sought out by those who build investments, and those who are doing the investing. WEISS incorporates hundreds of factors into their model, boiling it down to 5 key indexes. Capitalization, asset quality, profitability, liquidity and stability. These indexes are then condensed into a letter score, that is the WEISS rating.

How Do You Rate a Cryptocurrency?

It still may be too early to tell exactly which factors of a cryptocurrency add to its viability. There are many new phenomena that cryptocurrencies have introduced, that are foreign to the world of finance. That is why there is so much dispute in the world of crypto over the right things to measure. To name a few, chain length, volume of transactions, volume of fees paid, new addresses, and active addresses. Most of these mentioned items likely have an impact on the overall viability of the cryptocurrency, but how much? These are tough questions to ask, and both WEISS and FCAS are trying to figure it out.

Time Will Tell

Only time will tell whether or not the ratings that WEISS and FCAS have applied are accurate or not. There are many that are die hard bitcoin maximalists that would be outright furious with bitcoin in any position but the top. It’s no secret that bitcoin’s technology is now lagging behind Cardano, or Ethereum. Will that actually matter? Bitcoin seems to have more resonance and market recognition as the peoples currency. Other cryptocurrencies are failing to capture the same sentiment. Regardless, both reputable ratings agencies have placed Ethereum above Bitcoin. This has to get any investor thinking about their asset allocation.

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