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3Commas Review: Automated Crypto Trading Made Easy

3Commas is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms on the market today. It offers not only automated trading bots, but manual crypto trading as well.

The Canadian-based company started in 2017 with the aim of helping users make money in a short period of time. They designed a simple and intuitive interface and developed sophisticated trading tools to make it an easy process to make money. They also provided great tutorials and videos on almost every trading feature that they offer meaning that even beginners can use 3Commas to buy or sell crypto immediately.

Whether you are looking to do manual or automated trading, our 3Commas review will help you determine if it is right for you.

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3Commas Overview

3Commas Trading Bot Logo


  • Options for automated and manual cryptocurrency trading
  • Simple interface that helps educate users about trading bots
  • Fantastic mobile app for checking 3Commas on the go
  • Support for over 20 different crypto exchanges
Price $29 - $99/month
Supported Exchanges 20+

3Commas Pros & Cons


  • Free 7-day trial

  • Lots of available exchanges

  • Mobile app

  • Manual and automated trading options


  • Automated trading bots only available in Advanced and Pro plans

  • Steep learning curve for advanced trading strategies

How 3Commas’ Pricing Works

3Commas platform has 3 different types of plans available to users in addition to an extremely limited free version. There’s also an optional seven-day trial that gives users a good idea of how the software works.

All of 3Commas plans are commission free with no extra charges.

Here are the four plans currently available:

Free ($0)

  • 3Commas a very bare-bones version of its software for free. You’ll get access to portfolio tracking and the scalper terminal but nothing else.

Starter Plan ($29/month or $264 for 1 year)

  • Manual trading with Smart Trade, including futures and margin exchanges
  • Paper trading with Smart Trade
  • Unlimited amount of connected exchange API accounts
  • Unlimited amount of active trades
  • One Grid Bot
  • One DCA Bot

Advanced Plan ($49/month or $444 for 1 year)

  • Everything on Starter
  • Unlimited DCA Bot
  • One Grid Bot

Pro Plan ($99/month or $888 for 1 year)

  • Everything on Advanced
  • Unlimited Grid Bots
  • Unlimited DCA Bots
  • Unlimited Active Smart Trades

All Plans also Include:


  • Browser
  • Mobile Apps
  • Email
  • Telegram


  • View
  • TradingView integration
  • Create
  • Copy & Edit
  • Apply to exchange (Huobi Global,, Bittrex and Poloniex)
  • Auto reallocate

Referral program 

  • Accessible without subscribing
  • Get % of each cryptocurrency payment your referrals make
  • Use income to pay for subscriptions
  • Withdraw income in USDT

Available Exchanges

3Commas offers 23 available cryptocurrency exchanges for you to connect your trading bot to once you have picked the plan that works for you. You can connect unlimited exchange accounts to your 3Commas account and have multiple exchange accounts for the same exchange.

Not all features are available for every exchange, the available features are noted next to each exchange listed below, more details on the features are available later in this 3Commas review.

Here are the available exchanges:

  • Binance – Smart Trade, Portfolios, DCA Bots including Gordon bots, Margin Trading, GRID bots
  • Binance DEX – Smart Trade
  • Binance Futures – Smart Trade on Futures, DCA Bots, GRID bots
  • Binance Jersey – Smart Trade, DCA Bots including Gordon bots, GRID bots
  • Binance US – Smart Trade, DCA Bots including Gordon bots, GRID bots
  • BitMEX – Smart Trade on Futures, DCA Bots, GRID bots
  • Bitfinex – Smart Trade
  • Bitstamp – Smart Trade
  • Bittrex – Smart Trade, Portfolios, DCA Bots including Gordon bots
  • Bybit – Smart Trade on Futures, DCA Bots, GRID bots
  • – Smart Trade
  • Coinbase Pro (GDAX) – Smart Trade, DCA Bots including Gordon bots
  • Deribit – NEW: Smart Trade on Futures
  • Exmo – Smart Trade
  • FTX and FTX.US – Smart Trade, Smart Trade on Futures, DCA Bots, GRID bots
  • – Smart Trade
  • Gemini
  • HitBTC – Smart Trade
  • Huobi Global – Smart Trade, DCA Bots including Gordon bots
  • Kraken – Smart Trade
  • KuCoin – Smart Trade
  • OKEx – Smart Trade, DCA Bots including Gordon bots
  • Poloniex – Smart Trade, Portfolios
  • YoBit – Smart Trade for pairs with daily volume over 2 BTC

Using 3Commas

Once you have picked your plan and connected to your desired exchange(s) you can begin to take advantage of the features available to your plan.

With the Starter Plan you will only have access to the manual trading features. If you want to implement a bot with your own trading strategies or copy another users’ strategy, you will need to purchase either the Advanced Plan or the Pro Plan.

Interestingly 3Commas has a variety of different tools that will help you maximize profit not only during a bull run but also in a bear market. It also has tools for sideways markets.

3Commas Features

Manual Trading

Manual Trading allows you to execute buy or sell orders across multiple exchanges in one window, which is actually a fairly useful feature. This is called Smart Trade. You can place limit or market orders to any connected exchange along with the following capabilities:

  • Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss: Deal closes when the indicated price is reached, or the deal closes when the price drops at or below the indicated value.
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss Trailing: Automated value adjustments as coin prices rise. Take Profit and Stop Loss points can automatically set to increase if a coin rises.
  • Sell by multiple targets: Sell your coins by multiple targets. Sell half your coins for $10,000, then 25% for $11,000, and the rest for $11,500.
  • Smart Cover: Accrue additional profit with unexpected market moves. Sell and buy back coins. Utilize Trailing Take Profit.
  • Charts and Signals from TradingView: View concurrent charts in one window

Automated Trading

Automated trading allows you to set up a bot that will trade for you 24/7. You can either customize your own bot or purchase trading strategies from the marketplace. These are the available trading bots:

  • Gordon Bots: A normal Dollar Cost Averaging bot that comes partially configured in order to help users get going easily. Can only use a Long trading strategy meaning buy low and sell high.
  • Grid Bots: Buys and sells an asset within a “Grid” based on series of buy and sell horizontal levels, best for use on assets with no obvious trend or ranging/moving sideways. Capital used is locked into bot and will not consume more funds than initial trade amount, and profits are instantly released to exchange wallet rather than reinvested. When an asset moves outside the grid, the bot stops.
  • DCA Bots: Set it up with a Long or Short strategy, add a custom TradingView signal to get fast, reliable information, and it will run 24/7. This is the most flexible bot 3Commas offers, and with it you can pursue almost any strategy, no matter how complex.


Portfolio management is an important aspect of trading cryptocurrencies, 3Commas provides useful portfolio features in an intuitive and simple format. You can do any of the following with any of their plans:

  • Create portfolios with any coin amount.
  • Balance your portfolio through maintenance of coin ratios
  • View incomes of other 3Commas users
  • Copy and edit coin ratios of other users to your own portfolio
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Evan Jones was introduced to cryptocurrency by fellow CryptoVantage contributor Keegan Francis in 2017 and was immediately intrigued by the use cases of many Ethereum-based cryptos. He bought his first hardware wallet shortly thereafter. He has a keen and vested interest in cryptos involving decentralized backend exchanges, payment processing, and power-sharing.

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