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Newton is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange based out of Canada. The exchange is growing in popularity as it adds new coins and features on a regular basis. The user interface of Newton is crisp, and professional, leaving the user with an inherent feeling of trust and appreciation for Newton’s attention to detail. Creating a well refined user experience in the cryptocurrency domain is a very difficult thing to do. Making sure that money enters and exits the exchange smoothly is a difficult thing to do well. Newton has done the best that they can, and we’re happy to say that their best is better than most.

Newton implements their FIAT onramp with a service called Plaid. This service allows for users to connect their bank accounts directly. When signing up for Newton, you are taken through a set of steps where you need to enter your bank password, as well as provide the answers for any and all security questions attached to your bank account. This level of access to your bank account is too much for some users. If you do not want to integrate Plaid into your Newton account, then you can always deposit funds through their wire transfer functionality.

Newton Crypto Exchange


  • Bills itself as the “No-Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange”
  • Partnership with Plaid gives high-level of security
  • Excellent on-ramp for Canadian cryptocurrency users
  • Large amount of cryptocurrencies that are sometimes hard to find in Canada

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Newton Pros & Cons

The Benefits PRO's
  • Offers coins that other Canadian exchanges do not
  • Clean and Smooth User Interface and Experience
  • Continuous improvements on their features and value offerings
The Downside CON's
  • Cannot withdrawal funds from exchange until FIAT payment has cleared (2-4 days)
  • Pervasive Access to Bank Account required for funding, aside from wire transfers

Funding Methods

Method Deposit Withdrawal Speed
Direct Deposit Yes Yes Near instant
Credit Card No No No
Wire transfer Yes Yes 2-5 business days
Crypto Yes Yes Near instant

Newton Sign-Up Process

The sign up process for Newton is fairly typical. It involves KYC, and hooking up your bank account using plaid. Newton encourages you to set up 2FA in order to secure your account. We highly recommend you do this, as if you’ve connected your bank account through plaid, an attacker may move funds out of your bank account into Newton on your behalf. The user flow of the sign up process is well established and simple, making it an enjoyable user experience.

Newton Fees

Newton boasts as being a “No-Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange”, but this is only half true. The fees that Newton charges are within the spread that it offers on the trading interface. Newton is a business that needs to make money, just like every other cryptocurrency exchange, and therefore makes money any time one currency is exchanged for another. The No-Fees label comes from the fact that they don’t charge money to deposit funds, as well as the lack of flat fee attached to every trade. So how much does Newton charge on the spreads? Sources may vary, but exchanges that include fees within the spreads typically charge between .5% and 1% of the price.

Newton Frequently Asked Questions

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