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Lolli Review 2024: Best Way to Earn Free Bitcoin?

I am sure you have seen the ads on tv for cash back services like eBates and Rakuten, and you probably know about Honey too, but did you know there is a way to earn cash back online in the form of crypto too?

Welcome to Lolli, a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that will give you Bitcoin cash back of up to 30% on purchases at one of their thousands of supported merchants such as Microsoft, Nike and eBay. If you are looking for a way to earn crypto cash back instead of dollars, our Lolli review will help you decide if it is right for you.

Lolli Overview

Is Lolli the best way to earn Bitcoin on online purchases?


  • Browser-based online shopping tool that awards users free Bitcoin
  • Earn bitcoin back on clothing, electronics, software, traveling and more
  • Partnerships with mainstream companies like Adidas, Everlane, Harrys and
  • Earn up to 27% back in Bitcoin on your online purchases
Browsers supported: Chrome, Firefox
Stores supported: 1000+ including Adidas, Harrys, Everlane, Microsoft

Lolli Pros & Cons


  • Available on tons of top brands

  • Easy to add to your browser

  • More stores being added constantly

  • You can earn up to 27% back in Bitcoin on your online purchases

  • Works at over 1000 stores


  • Payouts can be a slow process

  • Withdrawal minimum

What is Lolli?

Lolli is a Bitcoin rewards site and browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that lets users earn Bitcoin when they shop from their partner merchants, much like how Rakuten or Honey works, but instead of getting cash back, you get crypto back.

When you are on a site supported by Lolli, the extension will notify you and you can click it to earn up to 30% crypto cash back on that purchase. The cash back percentage varies from merchant to merchant and is paid out to your Lolli account, where you can later withdraw it to your own Bitcoin wallet once you reach to minimum of $15. You also have the option to withdraw to a bank account for a conversion fee, though there is no reason to use Lolli if you want cash instead of crypto back.

What Are the Best Features of Lolli?

Lolli has formed partnerships with top merchants such as eBay, Nike, Sam’s Club, Microsoft and Groupon, to name a few, so there is a lot of choice in where you can earn you cash back. Overall, it is available on almost all the same sites and at similar cash back rates to Honey or Rakuten, so if you would prefer crypto, definitely consider Lolli.

Lolli also is easy to add to your browser with just a few clicks, and the automatic alerts when you go to a merchant’s site they support makes it easy to never miss an opportunity to earn Bitcoin back on your purchase. With a minimum of 1% back and up to 30% back, Lolli can compete with the traditional cash back options.

Is Lolli Easy to Use?

Lolli is very easy to use in order to earn crypto back on your purchases. All you have to do is click the alert when you navigate to a supported merchant and you will earn crypto back for any purchase made on that trip. That is all there is to it.

What Browsers Does Lolli Support?

Lolli is currently supported on Chrome and Firefox, and they are looking to add support for Brave Browser, but it is counterintuitive to Brave’s tracker blocking system so may take a while if it happens at all. Safari is not supported.

Is Lolli Free?

Yes, Lolli is completely free to the user. Generally companies like Lolli generate revenue by earning a commission by generating leads for their partners.

Potential Dealbreakers

The only real downside to Lolli is that it can take a while to receive your crypto back (sometimes more than 90 days), and then in addition you need to get a minimum of $15 of Bitcoin back in order to withdraw, which can take a while to earn for the average consumer because of how long it takes to get added to your account. The payout can then take a while once you withdraw but that is being worked on and is partially due to the slow speed of Bitcoin’s network.

Of course, you also have to pay the Bitcoin transaction fee which will cut into your payout, so it is not recommended to just transfer your rewards every time you hit the minimum.

Lolli Frequently Asked Questions

Once you reach the withdrawal minimum you simply have to go into your Lolli account, go to withdraw, enter your Bitcoin receiving address and follow the steps. Your payout will show up once the Bitcoin network has processed the transaction but will also depend on when Lolli broadcasts the transaction.

Yes, in order to withdraw your rewards from Lolli you need a minimum of $15 worth of Bitcoin. You will also have to pay a Bitcoin network fee to withdraw, as is standard with all Bitcoin transactions.

No, Lolli does not work for Amazon purchases at this time but the company is adding partners all the time so there’s a chance they might offer Amazon at some point in the future.

That depends on you! Whichever site has what you are looking to buy with the best crypto back percentage will be the best site for you. You can check out a full list of stores and their reward percentages here.

No, Lolli is currently only available to users in the United States. A VPN from within the US will not affect your crypto back, and you cannot used a VPN from outside the US for Lolli as it is based on shipping location (you would never get the crypto back even though the extension would work).

No, Lolli only works with Bitcoin at this time, not Ethereum.

Assuming your crypto credit card payment processor is supported by the merchant, like a Visa-backed crypto credit card such as has, there is no reason it would not work with Lolli. Lolli has nothing to do with the actual processing of your payment to the merchant.

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