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Understanding cryptocurrency is a huge ordeal if you are just getting into it. Questioning what the “crypto” in cryptocurrency means or how there can exist thousands of cryptocurrencies is completely valid.

Curiosity is your best friend when it comes to this new and exciting domain, and we at CryptoVantage are here to share some of the best podcasts to help you along the way.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto Podcasts

The “What is Money” Show by Robert Breedlove

Highlight: In depth philosophical discussion on all things Bitcoin, economics, and money.

Robert Breedlove is an intellectual powerhouse. He is a cool, calm, and calculated individual with a knack for asking the deep philosophical questions of his guests. When Robert brings a guest on his show, he films multiple episodes at once, then releases them in a series of 1-2 hour episodes. This makes the task of consuming sometimes dense content much more bite sized as to make it accessible for all.

That last part is the crux of Robert’s show, he is articulate and competent in breaking down complex concepts into a format that is accessible for all individuals regardless of their financial or bitcoin-literacy.

Three of our favorite episodes:

The Pomp Podcast

Highlight: Perspectives of industry leaders in crypto and tech.

Anthony Pompliano is an American entrepreneur and the host of The Pomp Podcast. His entrepreneurial background at large tech firms (Snapchat and Facebook) and previous work at a Venture Capital firms makes his discussions and opinions on crypto relevant to current times.

Pomp is a huge believer in Bitcoin and is able to back his opinions with sound reason and existing facts. This is definitely one of the best bitcoin podcasts.

One thing to keep in mind is that his earlier episodes are more focused on crypto, while his newer episodes vary from crypto to tech innovation.

Here are three of our favorite episodes by Pomp:

The Coin Bureau Podcast: Crypto without the Hype

Highlight: Entertaining overview of Bitcoin, crypto, DeFi, Web3 and more

If you’re frustrated that a huge swath of crypto content is steeped in hype, then The Coin Bureau Podcast is a good remedy. The podcast prides itself on providing education and information on crypto, without the frothy bolstering and shilling of specific coins. From the creators of one of the largest crypto news shows on YouTube, the podcast is a fantastic alternative for those who prefer educating themselves exclusively through the audio format.

Here are three of our favorite episodes:

The Money Movement with Jeremy Allaire

Highlight: In-depth look at the economic theory, philosophy and modern currencies.

Jeremy Allaire is the CEO of Circle, which is a peer-to-peer payments company that’s perhaps most famous for its USDC stablecoin.

Allaire has a unique perspective on the crypto market because he knows much more about what’s going on behind the scenes than the average retail crypto investor. He tends to take a much broader look at crypto and finance in general and digs into how the financial system is undergoing a massive transition.

Some of the best episodes include Allaire interviewing fellow crypto founders like Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko and Michael Saylor of Microstrategy.

Three of our favorite episodes:


Highlight: The impact and adoption of cryptocurrency as a money.

Hosted by Laura Shin, this podcast focuses on how cryptocurrency impacts the way we invest, earn, and spend money. Laura’s immersion in the crypto industry since its inception makes her content extremely reliable. Furthermore, having a journalism background makes her method of conducting interviews and delivering information on Unchained extremely easy to digest.

Laura Shin was a senior editor at Forbes and the first main stream journalist to report on crypto full time. Her content on Unchained varies from interviewing the founder of a cryptocurrency firm to the impact of crypto in different parts of the world.

Here’s three of our favorite episodes on UnChained:

What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Highlight: The most popular and beginner friendly Bitcoin podcast in the world.

Peter McCormack curates an excellently balanced Bitcoin and cryptocurrency podcast. Although What Bitcoin Did has a philosophical tilt towards Bitcoin, there are many conversations that dive deep into the wild world of crypto. Peter does a great job of pulling together a diverse set of guests from across the entire industry making it one of the broadest crypto podcasts on the air. Conversations and discussions are tempered with nuance, definitions, and helpful elaborations that make What Bitcoin Did a choice podcast for crypto and Bitcoin beginners.

Three of our favorite episodes:

Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell

Highlight: One-on-one interview style podcast with a professional and seasoned journalist.

Natalie brings out the best in her guests which makes each podcast a treat to listen to. Her carefully curated list of guests keeps the show focused on Bitcoin, economics, and educating beginners on lesser known topics. The undertone of the podcast is one of using bitcoin to influence meaningful macro change in the political and economic spheres.

Three of our favorite episodes:

Bitcoin Rapid Fire

Highlight: Answers to all your Bitcoin questions

If you are looking for the best bitcoin podcast, this is the one for you. Like the name suggests, the host, John Vallis, conducts his interviews in a question – answer format. This gives the listener a really clear understanding of what is being talked about as the context is very clear.

Some of Bitcoin Rapid Fire’s episodes also contain a more traditional style discussion based interview that are also fun to listen to. All in all, John Vallis is a great podcast host and you can count on learning a ton about Bitcoin on his podcast.

Here’s three of our favorite episodes on Bitcoin Rapid Fire:

Special Mentions


A16Z is not solely dedicated to podcasting on cryptocurrency but there is one podcast that deserves a special mention. It draws a comparison between the similarity in difficulty of driving Internet adoption in the early days with cryptocurrency in current times. If you have lived through the invention of the internet, this might be a nostalgic listen. If you have no idea what it’s like to exist in a world with no internet, this will definitely blow your mind!

Listen to it here: From the Internet’s Past to the Future of Crypto

Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan does not need an explanation. His podcast following is through the roof, and for good reason! Joe has brought on Andreas Antonopoulos, a renowned bitcoin maximalist, several times. Andreas is extremely well known in the crypto industry as a bitcoin evangelist and expert. He has authored two books on Bitcoin, and this interview was conducted two days after the launch of his second book – The Internet of Money.

Listen to it here: Joe Rogan Experience #844 – Andreas Antonopoulos 

Go Full Crypto

This podcast was started by myself and my partner when the pandemic hit. We were hosting workshops in a physical space but after everything needed to go virtual, so did we. Go Full Crypto was named after leaving the traditional financial system behind and adapting to using crypto on a daily basis. The initial episodes are meant to initiate those that are unfamiliar with the world of crypto, and the interviews bring the perspective of people all around the world that have chosen to do the same – use crypto in their daily lives.

Listen to it here: Go Full Crypto Podcast


We hope that this list fulfills your itch to find the best podcasts to learn more about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. While podcasts are a great way to consume information passively, if you are looking for a good read as well, check out A Brief History of Cryptocurrency.

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About the Author

Mrugakshee Palwe

Mrugakshee Palwe is a cryptocurrency investor and consultant. Her experience in knowledge delivery allows her to curate information in the most comprehensible way. Her passion for education led to start Go Full Crypto, a project that documens her journey of totally opting out of traditional financial services. Additionally, Mrugakshee consults with businesses and individuals on strategic investing in cryptocurrencies.

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