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10 Ways to Earn Free Crypto in 2024

Everyone loves getting free money, and getting crypto for free is just about the same thing. If you were lucky enough to be a Solana user who got BONK airdropped into their wallet, you’re likely quite happy. 

Airdrops aren’t the only way to earn free crypto in 2024 though, which is why we’ve assembled this list of ten ways you can get digital assets from things like free crypto earning apps, staking, and much more. 

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How to Earn Free Crypto


Staking is the most popular and least risky way to earn free crypto. It can be done directly by you through staking a proof of stake asset such as Solana, Ethereum, or Cardano to its respective blockchain. It can also be done through a third party such as a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and many more. 

Returns vary depending on the asset but are often around 5% APR and they are prorated to your staking amount. Returns are also a percentage of your assets, meaning you get 5% of the number of units you hold, rather than 5% of the dollar value of the units.

Learn more about crypto staking in our guide


Airdrops are when crypto assets are sent to your wallet from a project developer. This can be an indiscriminate airdrop where all users of a network receive the asset or as a reward for those who were early adopters of a network or part of the community on Discord for example.

Airdrops can be quite lucrative but are generally prorated towards the amount of an asset you hold or your participation. There are other airdrops that occur such as through hard forks like when Bitcoin split into Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). All BTC holders received an equivalent amount of BCH when the fork occurred. 

Learn to Earn

Learn to Earn free crypto has been popularized by Coinbase Exchange, but there are other exchanges that offer similar programs. Learn to Earn is fairly simple, you watch videos about an asset, answer quiz questions, and are rewarded with a crypto asset, usually the one you learned about. Though it’s rarely a large amount, free crypto is still free crypto. 


Play to Earn free crypto games are another popular way to earn free digital assets. Games like Axie Infinity (AXS) showed just how lucrative play-to-earn crypto games are. Generally speaking, you do need to make an upfront investment in assets to play the game with, but you then earn free crypto for doing so. 

Brave Browser Rewards

Perhaps the easiest way to earn free crypto is through Brave Browser Rewards. Brave Browser is an internet browser that is just like Google Chrome but with more privacy features built-in. 

Rather than seeing ads all the time, users of Brave Browser get notifications for ads. Should you choose to click it, you earn a small amount of Brave Attention Token (BAT), which is sent to your Uphold Exchange wallet monthly. You can adjust the amount of ads you may see per hour, and can always choose not to click the notification.

Crypto Credit Card Rewards

Crypto credit cards like those offered through or Gemini Exchange offer cashback to users for using the credit card. The rewards are often dependent on your credit card tier or a similar metric. 

Platforms like ShakePay also offer users Bitcoin cashback rewards for spending with their ShakePay card. Credit Card Rewards

Exchange Sign Ups

Most cryptocurrency exchanges will give you free cryptocurrency when you sign up for the platform and make your first deposit. The amount depends on the exchange, so it’s worth looking around to see who offers the best deposit bonuses if you’re a new crypto user.

Completing Tasks on an Exchange

Much like giving you free crypto when you sign up and make your first deposit, many cryptocurrency exchanges will give you free crypto for completing certain tasks. The tasks could be something like making a $100 trade, or simply a first trade, and then you’re rewarded with something like USDT. 

Platforms like have a Diamonds reward program where you earn diamonds for completing daily tasks, making trades, and much more. You can then redeem the diamonds for things like NFTs or free crypto in a randomized amount. 

Crypto Faucets

Crypto faucets aren’t as popular as they used to be but they’re still a good way to earn free crypto. The caveat is that you’ll likely have to do a task such as completing a survey, playing a specific game, or watching an ad in order to receive the free crypto. 

Crypto Savings Accounts (Crypto Earn)

Though BlockFi went bankrupt, Crypto Savings Accounts are still available through certain exchanges and platforms. You just have to deposit that specific asset in order to earn more of it over time. On this is called Crypto Earn, but other platforms may refer to it as just Earn, and sometimes even staking. You can also deposit assets into decentralized lending platforms like AAVE to earn an APR on them. The amount you can earn depends on the asset and the amount of time you leave it there.

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