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JK Rowling Turns 14.6 Million People Onto Bitcoin

One of the hottest twitter threads over the weekend was JK Rowling’s twitter inquiry on bitcoin. The implications of a public figure asking about bitcoin are actually quite huge. JK Rowling has a twitter following of 14.6 million people. That is a lot of people that may be hearing, or learning about bitcoin for the first time. Every so often, a public figure, or celebrity mentions the word bitcoin. Every tweet, share, and meme makes the once niche digital currency an ever expanding viral phenomenon.


The JK Rowling Tweet Thread

JK Rowling’s twitter feed is currently flooded with a frenzy of bitcoin enthusiasts trying to explain bitcoin. Many people have opted to explain bitcoin to Rowling by making Harry Potter analogies. Some of them are hilariously accurate. One user tells Rowling that bitcoin makes it so wizards don’t have to trust Gringotts Bank. Another user (@jnnylng) decided to explain decentralization to Rowling in the most genius of ways. Voldemort decentralized his soul into 7 horcruxes because having a centralized soul is a single point of failure. What this illustrates is that people already understand the fundamentals of bitcoin, and more broadly decentralization. Sometimes all we need is someone to put complex topics in a language that we all understand.

Free Celebrity Endorsement

Many companies will pay millions of dollars for a tweet about their brand. Bitcoin gets this for free. Why? Because bitcoin has no owner, no motive, and no agenda of its own. Bitcoin is a concept, not a company. From professional rapper 50-cent to tech investor and actor Ashton Kutcher, there is no shortage of celebrities who are tuned in to bitcoin.

Bitcoin Receives Billions in Free Advertising

As far as advertising goes, bitcoin receives billions of dollars in free advertising and endorsements on a yearly basis. This is the power of a compelling message, or story. Companies spend billions of dollars on advertising, because once the message is out there, the product will practically sell itself. Even negative press tends to be positive for something, as exposure in general increases general awareness. Thus the saying, “No Press is bad Press”. One of the reasons why many regard bitcoin as an unstoppable force is because of the near cult following backing it. Thousands of eager individuals gave up their time to explain core bitcoin concepts to a celebrity. With no incentive or reward. There are very few companies that have as loyal of a following as bitcoin does.

JK Rowling Influences Millions

Although it may not have been intentional, JK Rowling put the spotlight back on bitcoin. If only for a moment, millions of people read about, and considered bitcoin as an alternative form of currency. It almost doesn’t matter what opinion Rowling forms about the digital currency at the end of the day. At the end of the day, celebrities are influencers, as they drive public thought, and debate. The fact that prolific authors, actors, and entrepreneurs are discussing the implications of a decentralized internet money spells long term success and adoption for bitcoin. 

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