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Pomp Podcast is the Most Popular Bitcoin Podcast in the World

Anthony Pompliano is making serious waves in the cryptocurrency industry, with a special focus on Bitcoin. It is no secret that Pomp is a Bitcoin maximalist of sorts. He is quite adamant about the role that Bitcoin is, and will continue to play in the economy. If you’re not a fan of Anthony, no problem. Pomp has dozens of amazing guests on his podcast, encouraging a healthy diversity of opinion. This is illustrated in the interview with Roger Ver, the goto Bitcoin Cash pundit. The entire conversation was informational, and extremely respectful between the two individuals with differing opinions. It is this charm, and easy going attitude that allows Pomp to build trust with his audience. This trust translates into mass viewership, making the Pomp Podcast the most popular bitcoin podcast on the planet.

Pomp Podcast Bitcoin Mic

Three Days of All Time Highs

A recent twitter status of Anthony Pompliano states that he has had three consecutive days of record breaking downloads of his podcast. This is huge because Pomp already had the most popular bitcoin podcast. What this says is his viewership is growing, which ultimately means that the number of people paying attention to bitcoin is growing. If you haven’t listened to The Pomp Podcast it is worth checking out. There is a reason why it has captured such a massive audience. Anthony has a unique ability to break down the core concepts of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and economics. This ability comes in handy when he summarizes the thoughts of his guests. To top it all off, The Pomp Podcast would not be what it is, unless Anthony wasn’t good at asking questions.

Three Pomp Podcasts Worth Checking Out

The first podcast worth checking out is one from last week. Pomp interviewed Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy. If that name rings a bell, it is because MicroStrategy just converted $425 million of their cash reserves into Bitcoin. The move to convert such a large amount of capital into bitcoin is a decision worth understanding. No better person’s mouth to hear it from than the man himself.

One of the guests that have articulated the value offering of Bitcoin better than anyone else, is Alex Svetski. Alex is the founder of an Australian based application called Amber. It is an app that simplifies the process of investing in Bitcoin. Within the episode, Alex mentions the importance of stacking Satoshi’s, and how Bitcoin is the ultimate currency. This is a prevailing theme in most of Pomp’s podcasts that focus on Bitcoin.

The last episode that we wanted to feature on this post is the one with Caitlin Long. Caitlin is the CEO of the Avanti Financial Group, a sort of neo bank operating in Wyoming. The ability that Caitlin has to articulate macro economic concepts in bite sized chunks is extremely impressive. The regulatory work that Caitlin has done has no doubt paved the way for grand events in the crypto space. One example of this is Kraken becoming a US bank within Wyoming. Much of the groundwork in terms of educating and working with regulators has already been done by Caitlin and Avanti.

Podcasts Are the Ideal Information Medium for Crypto

Podcasting is the medium of information exchange that best captures the values of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Those values are open sourced information, censorship resistance, and open discussion of ideas. Therefore it is worth checking out the various bitcoin and cryptocurrency podcasts out there. Not joining the crypto revolution because of lack of information is no longer a valid excuse. This would have worked in 2011, but not in 2020. In this day and age, there are dozens of talented conversationalists and educators that break down what you need to know. Anthony Pompliano is the most popular bitcoin podcast, but not the only one.

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