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The 20 Best Crypto YouTube Channels in 2023

Staying up to date with cryptocurrency and blockchain can be a demanding process. New developments, assets, protocols, and platforms are launching constantly, making it hard to keep up. That’s where crypto YouTube channels come in. They’re a great place to find new crypto information and are one of the best sources for finding out how specific things work and how to do them.

Knowing which channels to follow can be hard with the number of clickbait titles out there. That’s why we’ve assembled a list of 20 YouTube crypto channels that you should consider following. This isn’t an exhaustive list by any measure, but it will help you find accounts to subscribe to and the algorithm will help you find more from there. Without further ado, let’s get into the list.

What are the best YouTube channels for crypto?

Top Crypto YouTubers by Category

Below we will discuss some of the best crypto YouTube accounts to follow for 4 different categories: Investing (Technical Analysis), News, Knowledge, and Crypto Basics.

Some of these YouTubers may fit in more than one category but they will only be included once. For each YouTuber we’ll provide a brief summary of what the channel is about, including what they post, when they post, and they’re current following.

Please keep in mind that these channels are not financial advice and so you should take them with a grain of salt when it comes to any sort of investing. Instead these videos are better viewed as education or entertainment.

Crypto Basics

The channels included in this section are some of the best options for beginner’s looking to learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain. They provide key information for new users while also being helpful for experienced ones looking to brush up their knowledge.



Yes, the CoinMarketCap website is a great place for you to track prices of cryptocurrencies amongst other things. However, CoinMarketCap also has a great YouTube channel with over 350k subscribers. The channel is full of explainers and info on all things crypto, from basic to more complex. They post almost daily.


Much like it’s an alternative to CoinMarketCap for tracking digital asset prices, CoinGecko is also a good alternative to CMC’s YouTube Channel. Though it only has 77k subscribers, the CoinGecko YouTube channel has guides, explainers, and market analysis. They upload videos a few times a week.


In no way a crypto-only channel, Simplilearn explains all sorts of concepts including blockchain, cyber security, and programming. The channel has over 2 million subscribers and offers paid courses through their site that are supplemental to the guides on their channel. Many videos are over 5 hours long. Their crypto content is uploaded sporadically.


A more Bitcoin-focused channel, 99Bitcoins (also a website) has over 700k subscribers. The channel contains explainers, weekly crypto news, and guides to things such as Bitcoin mining. He posts at least once a week.


Andreas Antonopoulos’ YouTube channel is another great resource for those looking to learn the basics about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Andreas provides entertaining takes on various topics and has amassed over 300k subscribers to his channel. He doesn’t post too often but his videos are lasting, meaning the information stays valid for a long time.

Crypto Investing (Technical Analysis)

This section includes channels that do technical analysis of crypto assets. This includes breaking down trading charts, providing insight into macro factors, and more.

Benjamin Cowen channel

Benjamin Cowen

A crypto quantitative analyst with just over 750k subscribers on YouTube, Ben posts videos about crypto assets, macroeconomic factors, and offers premium technical analysis subscriptions. He also has a Twitter account with over 700k followers. He uploads videos almost every day.

Crypto Michaël

A technical analyst with 165k subscribers to his YouTube channel, Van de Poppe posts technical analysis videos about a variety of assets while also posting about general macroeconomic factors. His Twitter has over 600k followers. He posts videos a few times a week.

Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, most likely known for his role on Dragons Den and Shark Tank, has a YouTube channel with over 700k subscribers. He posts videos about his takes on the market, including cryptocurrency markets. He owns quite a few Canadian crypto exchanges. He posts videos once a week or so.

Brian Jung

Brian has a YouTube channel with over 1.2 million subscribers. His videos range from analysis of markets to overviews of platforms. He often posts what moves he is making with his portfolio and his reasoning behind them. He uploads videos once or twice a week.

Lark Davis

Lark Davis, or TheCryptoLark, has a YouTube channel that has over 450k subscribers. He posts videos about macroeconomic factors along with daily cryptocurrency news and reviews of assets and initial coin offerings. Lark uploads videos a couple times per week.

Crypto News and Regulation

YouTube channels covered in this section provide crypto news to viewers. This includes information about breaking news in crypto such as hacks, along with information on regulatory changes and other factors that can affect the sector.

CryptosRUs channel


A mainly crypto news channel, CryptosRUs has over 650k subscribers. He posts videos about everything happening within the crypto sector and things outside it that may affect it. He also has a Twitter with over 200k followers. He tends to livestream crypto news daily then posts those videos.

The Modern Investor

The Modern Investor posts up to date daily information on everything happening in the world of crypto. The channel has over 225k subscribers and the videos are often on the longer side with much of his own opinion included. Videos are uploaded almost every day.


The official YouTube channel of the CoinDesk website, with over 75k subscribers. The channel posts videos on news from the crypto sector, often accompanied by an article from their site. They upload multiple videos per day.


Like CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph is a crypto news outlet site that also has a YouTube channel. They have over 150k subscribers and post videos about crypto news, documentaries, interviews, stories, and basic crypto knowledge. Their posts are less frequent than CoinDesk but videos are uploaded multiple times weekly.

Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily is run by two brothers and has amassed over 1.2 million subscribers. They post videos about market analysis, crypto news, education and much more. Videos are posted daily.

Crypto Knowledge (Asset Breakdowns, How-to-Guides)

The channels in this section are some of the best options for users looking to learn more about specific cryptocurrencies/blockchains, how to guides for things such as setting up a wallet, and deep dives into various crypto related topics.

Guy at Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau

The Coin Bureau YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers, with Guy being the face of the channel. They post detailed videos on various assets and aspects within the crypto sector such as exchanges, and are one of the go-to sources for crypto info on YouTube. Coin Bureau also has a Twitter account with over 700k subscribers. They upload videos every few days.

Bitboy Crypto

With over 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube, BitBoy Crypto posts videos about a variety of topics within the crypto sector. This includes asset breakdowns, crypto news, market analysis and more. They also have a successful Twitter account with over 800k followers. There are often multiple videos posted per day. His videos are not without controversy and he once sued a fellow crypto YouTuber for defamation before ultimately dropping the suit.

KIR Finance

Keepin’ It Real (KIR) Finance is one of the smaller channels featured on this list, with just over 20k subscribers. He posts reviews of crypto assets, weekly updates on crypto news, and explainers on a variety of topics. His videos are uploaded once a week or so.

The CryptoDad

The CryptoDad is a great channel that does step by step guides for a variety of things such as setting up a hardware wallet, using crypto platforms, and installing software. The channel has just under 150k subscribers with videos being posted once a week.

Ivan On Tech

Ivan On Tech is a cryptocurrency and blockchain education channel, with Ivan being an international speaker and educator. He posts a variety of educational content videos including interviews with key people within various crypto projects, asking them the questions that matter. He has just under 500k subscribers and posts somewhat sporadically.

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