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The Brave Browser Gets Boost from The Joe Rogan Effect

Spotify stock rose 10% after announcing a podcast partnership with Joe Rogan. The rise amounts to more than 4 billion dollars added to Spotify’s stock. Joe Rogan is the owner of the most successful, and widely downloaded podcast on the planet. With more than 1400 episodes to date, Joe has built a podcast empire from the ground up. The Joe Rogan Experience has 200 million downloads per month, totally more than a billion downloads per year. Joe Rogan has brought several smaller companies into the spotlight through advertising on his show. Website engine Squarespace,, legalzoom, and the Cash App to name a few. Now Joe has dropped the news that he has started using the Brave Browser. A cryptocurrency based privacy browser that pays you for your attention.

Brave Browser Dashboard

What is the Brave Browser

Read our full and in depth guide to the Brave Browser. In a nutshell, the brave browser is oriented firmly towards privacy. The Brave Browser has a built-in ad blocker, as well as an automatic tracking blocker. These blockers really help speed up your browsing experience, while keeping your data bandwidth low. Much of the data that is downloaded while browsing the web is javascript and advertisements. Not only is your attention being monetized by the company hosting the advertisement. They are sending data to your phone that you’re paying for if you go over your data limit.

Instead of collection and selling user data, the Brave Browser rewards users for viewing and engaging with advertisements. This is in stark contrast to the way that the internet advertising business has been built up in the past twenty years. Much of the “free” internet is based on collecting, and leveraging user data to sell ever more relevant products to them. The Brave Browser team is aiming to fundamentally change this paradigm, by giving back to the user.

Brave Alignment with Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has always taken an open and transparent approach with his advertisements. He uses 5 minutes at the beginning and end of his show to recite advertisements on behalf of his sponsors. Joe doesn’t interrupt his podcast every 10 minutes in order to fulfill an advertising requirement. Since Joe Rogan owns his show, and his network entirely, he gets to pick his advertisers, and the terms on which they will be advertised. Typically, an advertiser will pull sponsorship in the event of controversial topics being discussed on the related show or episode. For viewers familiar with Joe Rogan’s guests and content, there is no shortage of controversial material. All of this to say, is that both Joe and Brave are proponents of free speech, and freedom to choose.

What is the Joe Rogan Effect Worth?

A flat out deal with Joe Rogan is apparently worth billions of dollars. In the case of Elon Musk, smoking a joint on the podcast contributed to a stock drop of 10% the next day. Regardless, the exposure and clout that the Joe Rogan Experience brings to guests and topics cannot be understated. Some of the early cryptocurrency adopters were turned on to bitcoin through an early guest of Joe Rogan, Andreas Antonopolous. It would be overzealous to suggest that Joe Rogan caused the price of bitcoin to skyrocket years after. Nonetheless his contribution did not go unnoticed. It is a good day for crypto in general when the Brave Browser gets a boost from the Joe Rogan effect.

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