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The Pentagon has a Plan for The Bitcoin Revolt

If you needed reason to believe that bitcoin is not a joke, look no further than the Pentagon. A taskforce named JLASS detailed a wargame plan that involves generation Z stealing money, and funnelling it into bitcoin. The role of the Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Special Program (JLASS) is to create plausible future scenarios based on current trends. The reason why this is significant, is because despite what people may think, the Pentagon actually pays attention to the populous. Bitcoin is relevant enough for them to consider it as a tactic to be used by generation Z in a time of socio-economic instability. This alone is a fantastic advertising campaign for bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general.

a black image of a white pentagon with the bitcoin logo in the middle.

The ZBellion Wargame

In the wargame scenario, people in generation Z (“Zoomers”) are feeling disenfranchised by the state of the country. Growing up in the time of 911, the great recession, and now the COVID pandemic has caused mass social unrest. Many of the Zoomers share the sentiment that the system is rigged against them. This causes them to begin a campaign of dissent from the regular United States economy. The document has dubbed this movement has the “ZBellion” (Rebelion of Generation Z).

The original wargame document was published in 2018, right after the 2017 cryptocurrency bubble. During this bubble, all cryptocurrencies rose to a market capitalization of about $800 billion dollars. It’s likely that this was enough of a message to the United States government. What would the United States government do if such a ZBellion gained momentum? How would the United States government deal with a censorship resistant technology such as bitcoin?

Bitcoin as a Political Tool

During the George Floyd protests, one Republican Representative from Florida called for the freezing of money belonging to protest groups. As the bitcoin community is well aware, your account cannot be frozen. The large and pervasive hand of the government cannot reach into your bitcoin wallet and freeze your assets. It is extremely important that we do not let the government take authoritarian action against legitimate dissent. Luckily, bitcoin exists. Not only does bitcoin provide an opt-out economy, but it provides censorship resistance. More groups are bound to face the same sort of governmental treatment. When they do, a solution exists, ready for adoption. Broadly speaking, that solution is the opt-out economy of cryptocurrency.

A Bitcoin Revolt

Bitcoin is often referred to as a peaceful protest. The reality is that this is a matter of perception. To a banker with trillions invested in the current monetary system, bitcoin is very dangerous. It makes sense for the Pentagon to have a plan for bitcoin. Other branches may be treating bitcoin like a joke. The fact that the Pentagon has a plan for it, brings its value further into clear view. The problem with the Pentagon’s plan is that their training exercise takes place in 2025. What is more likely the case, is that we’re already midway through the monetary revolution.

A famous quote by Hemmingway explains how the monetary revolution will take place.

“Gradually, then suddenly.”

This seems to be the case with most technological innovations. Smartphones were extremely niche and expensive for a long time, until the day that they weren’t. This goes to say that the monetary revolt, and revolution are taking place right now. It’s been gradually happening for the last ten years, and we will one day wake up, and be inside of a different world. This occurrence is having transformative effects on society. So transformative that the Pentagon has a plan for the bitcoin revolt.