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US Congress to Receive $50 Worth of Bitcoin Each

What is the best way to learn about cryptocurrency? Get a hold of some. This is the entire mission of Crypto for Congress. It is an initiative that aims to educate the members of congress, elected officials, and engaged citizens. Their first mission is to send $50 worth of bitcoin to the campaign of every member of congress. This is tantamount to “putting the ball in their court” so to speak. Once they have some amount of bitcoin, the onus is on them to continue looking into cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin in Congress

Bitcoin in Politics

This is not the first time that bitcoin has tried to enter the political realm. Bitcoin has been used to donate to a number of different candidates in all levels of government. From Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang, to  Austin Petersen’s run for a seat in the senate. It is only a matter of time before Bitcoin is used as a bargaining chip in the bid for president. In reality, it could make or break a campaign. Bitcoin is global in nature, which means that anyone from around the world could donate to a candidate that they believe in. With America tied to more than just the lives of Americans, there is a real case to be made for donating your hard earned bitcoin to the next hopeful presidential candidate. Your bitcoin could just be the capital push your favourite candidate needs to win.

Bring the Horse to Water

One critique of this particular strategy of sending bitcoin to congress members is the time old saying. You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink it. For anyone who has tried to educate your friends or relatives on the benefits of cryptocurrency, this rings painfully true. Most of us know cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are the way of the future. If we had an infinite supply of bitcoin (which is impossible) we would send everyone some so that they learn about it. Sadly, adoption is not going to look like this. After the bitcoin has been sent to congress members, many of the donations will simply just sit there, as the education required to use the bitcoin may not accompany the donation.

Crypto For Congress Provides the Education

Sending crypto to congress will ideally lead to two outcomes.

  1. General knowledge, and acceptance of cryptocurrencies within congress
  2. Create some die hard bitcoiners within congress

Giving an amount of bitcoin directly to members of congress will ideally let people in the crypto world who have their interest. It will be easy to tell which members have touched, or used their bitcoin because we can track it on the blockchain. Giving bitcoin to congress might just create some champions on the inside of the American political sphere. We really only need a couple of members of congress to take a significant interest in their donation in order to meaningfully fuel the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Hopefully $50 worth of bitcoin is meaningful enough for the members of congress to take a deeper look.

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