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US to Get Their First Cryptocurrency Evangelist Presidential Candidate

Few names come to mind when thinking about cryptocurrency influencers, but Brock Pierce is one of them. The crypto space is eleven years old. While many people have achieved many things, only a small handful are notorious or eccentric enough to build influence. Brock Pierce is one of them. You will find Brock at major industry events giving speeches and evangelising blockchain technology. Brock co-founded several massive cryptocurrency projects in the past including the $4 Billion ICO EOS. Another project that Brock is well known for is USDT or Tether. Although no longer involved in the projects, Brock is often credited with big ideas, and the execution of them. Perhaps that’s why the idea of him running for president doesn’t seem so strange. We already have a reality television star for president, it’s not that crazy to think a cryptocurrency evangelist is next.

US President wearing sunglasses with Bitcoin

The Race for Presidency

The surprise bid for presidency came on July 5th, 2020. The reason for the running is not so much to win, says Pierce. Instead, by Brock Pierce running for president, it will bring a lot of important conversations to the forefront. Conversations like the sad state of our financial systems, and the importance of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Brock is running on a technology platform, hoping to appeal to the younger generation. The younger generation is consistently the least active demographic of voters. At the latest Unitize conference, Brock danced around the reality that it’s unlikely he will win. Running for president is not so much about winning, as it is bringing hyper focus to topics such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Brock’s Past Projects

There are at least two major projects in the cryptocurrency worth mentioning when discussing Brock Pierce. The first is Tether, and the second is EOS. Tether is a stablecoin cryptocurrency, and the first of its kind. The cryptocurrency is backed by US dollar deposits on a one to one basis. Although, the truthfulness of whether or not there is actually a one to one backing is an ongoing debate. Tether is currently the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Tether is used in almost every cryptocurrency exchange to provide liquidity, and stability to the markets.

The second project that Brock has been a part of, is EOS. This project began in 2017, with a year long ICO wherein the company (Block.One) raised $4 billion dollars. EOS is an enterprise blockchain platform that hasn’t exactly lived up to its name. Since rising to a top 5 position on coinmarketcap, it has since fallen due to lack of popularity. Both of the projects seem to indicate that Brock has the gusto, and the know-how to pull off, or at least collaborate on large scale projects.

Brock Pierce for President

One of the reasons behind low youth participation in national elections is the lack of trust in the candidates. Young people feel underrepresented when they see two faces on the ballet that are more than twice their age. It’s unlikely that Brock Pierce will win the presidency, but perhaps this is about more than that. Both blockchain and cryptocurrency have the ability to change the social fabric from within. Brock is targeting the youth, with the knowledge that the youth are more likely to adopt new forms of technology. If the cards are played correctly, it could lead to more widespread adoption of technologies that accelerate social justice. 

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