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What Are the Top 5 Bitcoin and Crypto Conferences?

Like any large scale industry or fandom, cryptocurrencies have conference events. These are large in scale and usually feature a handful of keynote speakers who are going to present new products or works-in-progress of their individual projects and innovations.

Tickets to events are getting pricey, so it’s important to plan in advance which conferences to attend.

There’s an ever-growing number of conferences out there, but which ones are worth attending? Where are the experts attending? Find out below.

What's the best crypto conference?

What to Know About Crypto Conferences

Cryptocurrency has a long history with conferences that dates back to the beginning of digital currency with events like Consensus and Devcon.

These events were absolutely pivotal for building out crypto in the early days and they’ve become even more important as time went on.

Crypto conferences are incredibly popular these days and can be very expensive to attend but they are arguably the single-best way to engage directly with the founders and developers of various protocols.

We’ll go into more detail on each conference below but, to save you time, here are CryptoVantage’s picks for the five best crypto conferences over the next year:

  1. Bitcoin 2023
  2. Blockchain Economy Summit
  3. World Blockchain Summit
  4. The Blockchain Event
  5. World Crypto Conference 2023

Here’s more detail on each conference:

#1. Bitcoin 2023

This year, Bitcoin 2023 will be taking place at Miami Beach. For 2023’s lineup, keynote speakers include Michael Saylor again, and Cory Klippsten, the CEO of Swan Bitcoin, along with many others. Tickets start at $549, but are as low as $499 if you pay with Bitcoin.

Earlier this year in April, Bitcoin 2022 took place in Miami, Florida. It was moved to Miami from its traditional home of Los Angeles, California, because it is a goal of the mayor of Miami to make it the capital city of cryptocurrency worldwide.

The Bitcoin conference has featured some noteworthy keynote speakers in the past such as Michael Saylor, Andrew Yang, Nayib Bukele, and Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter. So it’s definitely a part of the front and center of cryptocurrency conferences to attend, but it is exclusively a Bitcoin event.

#2. Blockchain Economy Summit

This is one of the biggest crypto events held outside of the United States. The Blockchain Economy Summit takes place a handful of times per year in one of three major cities, with the next event planned for February in London. The other two cities featured are Istanbul and Dubai.

Dubai is a hotspot for cryptocurrency conferences due to its friendliness to emerging technologies. The summit claims that these three cities are of particular strategic importance to the future of blockchain technologies, and as such they host their conference in these three cities.

Previous speakers include familiar faces like Michael Saylor and Tim Draper, but also some other major cryptocurrency icons, such as Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon and Alexandre Lemarchand, from Ledger. As well, the minister of digital transformation from Ukraine, Alex Bornyakov, has spoken at the conference in the past.

#3. World Blockchain Summit

The World Blockchain Summit (WBS) is a major cryptocurrency conference being held this year in Bangkok, between December 8th and 9th. Previous speakers include Roger Ver, Tim Draper, and Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance. WBS includes a prize of a million US dollars in the startup pitch world cup hosted during the conference.

WBS’ clientele includes tech startups, investors, and even government employees. The summit is an opportunity to network with thousands of other cryptocurrency fans, developers, and even regulators. With over 35,000 attendees, the WBS is not an event to be skimmed over.

#4. The Blockchain Event

The Blockchain Event is not the name of an ominous sounding Mt. Gox-tier event in the history of cryptocurrency, but is instead a cryptocurrency conference. The next conference is scheduled for February of 2023, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Blockchain Event has some interesting sponsors and exhibits to check out, most notably from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Dell PCs.

Government Blockchain Day is a workshop The Blockchain Event plans to put on at the conference in February. This is an entire workshop on how government changes could affect the future of blockchain technology. If there’s any speculation to be found out with regards to when the market could recover, this might be a place to keep an eye on.

Topics include, but are not limited to, reinvestment, elections, environmental management, and public utilities. Tickets to the workshop cost $499 if you’re not a member of the Government Blockchain Association, but civil servants can get in for free.

#5. World Crypto Conference 2023

The World Crypto Conference is mainly a DeFi conference this year. Tickets to the convention in Switzerland start at $499 with prices increasing in value but offer increasing perks, including a networking event on a luxury boat if you’re a VIP.

The World Crypto Conference has dozens of speakers coming to the event in 2023, but the names that stand out are Peter Hoffman, CEO of Coinbase Switzerland and Wolfgang Berger, IBM partner and CTO of banking for the company.

Bonus: Bitcoin4India

Bitcoin4India is Asia’s largest Bitcoin only conference. If you think that Bitcoin 2023 sounds like a good time, then Bitcoin4India might be a good first impression as it’s coming up on November 5th and 6th of this year, so not much time left to get tickets. Asia could be a growing market for Bitcoin in the coming years and attending a conference all about how Bitcoin is growing in Asian markets might be a valuable introduction to another ocean of possibilities.

While names as widely known as Michael Saylor are not attending Bitcoin4India, other emerging voices in the cryptocurrency community are, particularly those tuned into the markets of India and the rest of Asia. Speakers include Samson Mow the creator of Infinite Fleet and CEO of Pixelmatic, Co-Founder of BitcoinTV Matt Odell, and podcaster Mrugakshee Palwe.

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