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What’s the Best Way to Get a Job in Crypto?

The cryptocurrency market is in a period of rapid growth and change. As the industry evolves, new jobs are created every day. With so many opportunities to be had, it can be hard to know where to begin your hunt for a career in this space.

Follow these simple steps and you just might find your dream gig!

Is there a crypto job out there for you?

1) Check Out top Crypto Job Boards

Various crypto and blockchain-based companies are launching almost every day. You can simply get a job in the space by looking up major crypto companies and their job postings.

Coinbase for instance is one of the most well-known startups in the crypto space with an established reputation for good pay, benefits, and company culture as well as some serious clout within Silicon Valley circles making it a great place to work if you want access to those connections as well as some really cool people at work with every day.

Also, check Out Ethereum’s Jobs. As the name suggests, Ethereum (the #2 crypto by market cap) has a page dedicated to listing their current job openings and what skills they are looking for in candidates so you know exactly where you should be focusing your attention.

There are also a number of dedicated crypto job boards such as and Even famous cryptocurrency podcaster Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano started his own crypto jobs board at

2) Get Crypto-Related Skills

Consider acquiring the skills necessary to work in crypto by going back to school.

The crypto market has become so popular that universities are starting to offer classes on how to work with blockchain technology and decentralized apps. For example, New York University offers this five-week program giving you a Certificate of Specialization in Digital Currency and blockchain technology.

3) Research 

Make sure you are doing your Research! While there are many different listings of companies that are hiring, get to know the company you are applying for before handing in an application so you can show the hiring manager that you are actively interested in working with them specifically.

Basically find an organization you believe in and work your way up. Many of the top employers in this space started very small without many resources at their disposal so it’s easier for someone to break into these companies by starting as an intern or lower-level worker and working their way up over time.


As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, the need for well-educated and top skilled workers who are familiar with how the industry works grows as well.

Decentralized finance continues to take over and disrupt most of the services and solutions in traditional finance. This means that most of the jobs in traditional finance will either be automated or be replaced by workers who are DeFi- savvy. Given that the crypto industry is still at an early stage of growth, this is the best time to prepare and get a job in crypto.

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