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World Economic Forum Integrates Cryptocurrency Knowledge

The World Economic Forum (WEF) just partnered with CoinTelegraph, a popular cryptocurrency news outlet. CoinTelegraph is known in the crypto industry for providing reliable up to date cryptocurrency news and information. Cointelegraph was founded in 2013 by the late Toni Lane Casserly, a prominent, and outspoken cryptocurrency and blockchain advocate. CoinTelegraph has built itself into a universally trusted resource, and has therefore attracted the attention of bureaucracy. This is an important step for the cryptocurrency community in general. It means that the WEF is sourcing information from inside the cryptocurrency industry, rather than from outside of it. It means that a company that emerged from the crypto industry, is now feeding information into the world largest economic forum.


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World Economic Forum Readership

The world economic forum has a broad readership. The WEF has 1.5 million monthly readers viewing their blog and 7 million social media followers. These are people from all levels of government and business, from all corners of the globe. Individuals representing the WEF are frequently invited to speak on mainstream news outlets such as CNN, BBC, CNBC, and more. All of this to say that this subsection of economically minded individuals are now about to be dripped quality content through a source that they know and trust.

Legitimization of Cryptocurrency

There is a long withstanding effort to delegitimize cryptocurrency whenever possible. Large banks regularly publish smear campaigns with bitcoin as the primary target. Since the inception of cryptocurrency, there have been people that keep stock of each and every aspect of cryptocurrency legitimization. Cryptocurrency being “real” and “tangible” is one of the most common critiques made by the uninformed. This falls loosely into the category of legitimization. Every time an individual, shop owner, or large corporation decides to use, or accept cryptocurrency, it is one step closer to legitimization. Even if it is simply as a possible solution to world problems.

World Economic Forum Goal

The goal of the World Economic Forum is to improve the state of the world. It’s amazing to consider that cryptocurrency is getting recognized as something that has the potential to improve the state of the world. For many people, cryptocurrency is seen as a joke, or a temporary fad. Born out of the 2008 crisis, and gestated in the corners of the dark web, there are no shortage of reasons to deny legitimacy to cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, there are people that see cryptocurrency as being a positive step forward in the unification of communities on an economic level.

More than ever, people all around the world are being faced with difficult economic situations. The state of the world can be characterized by uncertainty. Uncertainty is only remedied by knowledge that we can trust. With many people asking questions about the future of their country’s currency, the world economic forum is a reasonable place to look for answers. What is fascinating about the global economic crisis, is we finally get to test a bitcoin hypothesis. “Is bitcoin a remedy for global economic catastrophe?”. The World Economic Forum is a perfect nexus of scholars, policy makers, and experienced economists. Making sense of cryptocurrency, and understanding its purpose is essential to the goal of the WEF. Improving the state of the world.