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Crypterium Visa Card Review

Founded during the peak of the initial coin offering (ICO) bubble of late 2017, Crypterium is a mobile and desktop application that provides a variety of crypto-related services, including the Crypterium Visa card. This crypto debit card is integrated into the Crypterium suite of services, which includes a wallet, exchange service, bank transfers, and more. This Bitcoin debit card offering also comes with its own propriety token attached to the platform, which is usually not a good sign in this industry; however, the card is also available on a worldwide basis. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what the Crypterium Visa card has to offer.

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Crypterium Visa Card

Crypterium Visa Card

Crypterium Visa Card

  • Fee-based crypto credit card that is available worldwide
  • Crypto assets are fully insured
  • Supports a wide variety of different digital assets including BTC, ETH and LTC
  • Solid app that makes controlling your finances easy
Cryptocurrencies Supported 10+
Rewards Not yet available



  • Can send crypto to practically any bank account in the world

  • Pay bills with digital assets

  • Available in 178 countries

  • Crypto assets held in the Crypterium app are 100% insured

  • Control your Visa crypto card via the Crypterium app

  • Supports many digital assets


  • Has its own proprietary token that complicates the user experience

  • Wallet is custodial

  • Monthly fee

  • Visa version of the card is not currently available

What is the Crypterium Visa Card?

The Crypterium Visa card is part of the Crypterium app, which integrates a wallet, crypto debit card, and a variety of other services into a single application. With this app, which works on mobile and desktop, the basic idea is to make it as easy as possible to use Bitcoin, Ether, and other popular cryptocurrencies in the real world. Users are able to trade between different cryptocurrencies, spend their crypto assets, and even send bank transfers based on the spending power of their crypto holdings from the Crypterium app. This app also has its own propriety token, known as CRPT.

What are the Benefits of the Crypterium Visa Card?

While there are specific rewards and benefits planned for a future release of the Crypterium Visa card, there is not much to look at here in terms of things like cashback rewards or discounts at specific merchants right now.

For now, the biggest advantage of the Crypterium crypto debit card is that nearly anyone in the world can gain access to this card, as it’s available in 178 different countries. For people who live in countries where crypto debit cards are not commonly available, this may be one of the few options to consider.

Potential Crypterium Visa Card Dealbreakers

The real dealbreaker with the Crypterium Visa card, at least as things stand today, is that it doesn’t actually exist. The current version of this crypto debit card comes from UnionPay, and many of the touted features of the Crypterium Visa card are not actually available to users at this time. Additionally, the Visa card will only be available to individuals living in Europe once it has launched.

The crypto debit cards offered by Crypterium also aren’t free, which some users will view as a dealbreaker in an industry where free prepaid cards for spending cryptocurrency are rather commonplace.

Obviously, Crypterium’s use of a propriety token will also be viewed as a dealbreaker for many potential users, particular those who are Bitcoin purists and are mainly focused on that particular crypto asset. The tokens that are attached to many different crypto debit card offerings are problematic in many cases, and it seems that Crypterium is moving in the same direction with future plans to force its CRPT token on its users, who likely just want to be able to spend their crypto holdings via a prepaid card.

Lastly, it should be remembered that the Crypterium wallet is custodial, which means that users are not actually in control of their own private keys. This is another attribute of the Crypterium ecosystem that is likely to turn off purists who don’t believe cryptocurrency should be used in this manner.

Is the Crypterium Visa Card Right for Me?

When you’re trying to choose the best crypto debit card, it’s important to think about your specific situation more than all of the bells and whistles that these card issuers promote to their potential customers. For example, a card that offers high cashback rewards may not even be available in your country.

That said, the Crypterium prepaid card’s availability across, basically, the entire world will make it an attractive option for some users, as there are some countries where the availability of crypto debit cards is quite limited. The fees associated with the Crypterium card are not outrageous, and there are a good number of crypto assets supported by this platform. If you’re not turned off by Crypterium’s own token offering or the fact that the wallet is custodial, then this may be a card worth trying in some jurisdictions. However, it’s always a good idea to consider all of the different cards that are available in your country before making a final decision.

Crypterium Frequently Asked Questions

The Crypterium mobile app is the smartphone application that allows users to access the specifics related to all of the products and services offered by this crypto company. Users of the app are able to store their crypto assets in the custodial wallet, buy cryptocurrency with the debit card associated with a bank account, trade between different crypto assets, send money to anyone in the world, manage a Crypterium crypto debit card, or even track the latest news in the cryptocurrency industry.

For Crypterium cardholders specifically, there are a variety of features in the app that make it easy to track all of the transactions associated with a crypto debit card. Users are able to get access to a crypto debit card from Crypterium once they have downloaded the app on their mobile phone or desktop computer.

There are a variety of fees to track when it comes to the Crypterium Visa card. Firstly, there is a fee just for gaining access to the card, although this fee can be refunded if the user agrees to stake Crypterium’s proprietary token for a year.

Any transaction on the Crypterium platform also has a base fee of 0.5% that must be paid in CRPT tokens. Those CRPT tokens are then burned. If the user does not have CRPT tokens, then they can convert some of their other coins to CRPT in order to pay this fee.

For loading cryptocurrencies onto the Crypterium Visa card, there is a 1% fee. Users can see the exchange rate that this 1% fee is charged to before they confirm the crypto funds to be added to the card. There is also a minimum fee of $2.50 applied to this type of transaction, which makes extremely low-value transfers to the card uneconomical.

For those who lose their Crypterium Visa card, there is a $10 fee for a replacement card to be issued.

There is also a monthly maintenance fee that is charged if there is not enough money deposited onto the crypto debit card on a monthly basis. Users who hold CRPT tokens in their Crypterium wallets are also able to gain access to various discounts on fees.

The Crypterium Visa card is intended to be a worldwide solution as a crypto prepaid card. The only countries where individuals will not be able to get one of these Bitcoin debit cards are: Cuba, Crimea Region, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. This list of unsupported countries is also subject to change.

It should be noted that some versions of the Crypterium Bitcoin card are only available in Europe.

All cardholders have the same limits when it comes to purchases and ATM withdrawals made with their Crypterium cryptocurrency cards. There is a daily load limit of $10,000 and a monthly load limit of $60,000. The minimum amount of money that can be loaded onto the card is $25.00, and the balance on the card cannot be greater than $50,000.

Users can only transact with their Crypterium card twelve times per day, and yearly transactions made with the card cannot exceed $160,000.

For ATM withdrawals, there is a limit of $2,500 per 24 hours.

CRPT is a token that was created by Crypterium near the peak of the ICO bubble of late 2017. The main way this token works with the Crypterium Visa card is that there is a 0.5% fee attached to all transactions on the Crypterium mobile app, and this fee must be paid in CRPT tokens. These tokens used to pay these fees are then destroyed. The economic theory behind this structure is that the price of CRPT should increase as Crypterium gains more fee-paying users; however, this claim is unproven and similar schemes in the crypto space have not worked in the past. In reality, a large holder of CRPT tokens dumping their coins would have a much larger impact on the price than the burning process.

According to their website, it appears that Crypterium wants to add more benefits for cardholders who use CRPT.

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