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Shakepay Visa Card Review | 2024

The Shakepay Visa card is part of the Canada-based Shakepay cryptocurrency exchange. Noted for their focus on simplicity and ease-of-use, it makes sense for one of Canada’s most popular crypto exchanges to offer a way for their users to earn bitcoin-denominated cashback rewards.

Operating as a traditional debit card, the Shakepay Visa card enables users to top up their card via Interac e-Transfer, spend those Canadian dollars at one of the millions of Visa, Apple Pay, or Google Pay merchants around the world, and earn automatic bitcoin rewards on all of those purchases.

While the 1% cashback rewards offered with this card is a bit low compared with some of the other offerings on the market, this rate is bumped up to 2% for the first $5,000 worth of purchases. Additionally, the integration with the Shakepay cryptocurrency exchange means that users can also easily sell their bitcoin or ether and use those newly-acquired Canadian dollars to load their Shakepay crypto card.

Let’s take a closer look at what this crypto Visa card from Shakepay has to offer and how it stacks up to the competition.

Shakepay Visa Card Pros & Cons


  • 2% cashback on first $5,000 in purchases

  • Connect with Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Earn up to 4% cashback rewards by referring friends

  • Connects directly to your Shakepay account

  • User friendly and top customer support


  • Only 1% offered as the base cashback rewards rate

  • Rewards only available in bitcoin

  • Only available in Canada

  • Physical cards not yet available

  • Shakepay exchange only supports bitcoin and ether

What is the Shakepay Visa Card?

The Shakepay Visa card is the crypto debit card associated with the Shakepay crypto exchange in Canada. Shakepay operates in a brokerage format, and the most direct comparison would likely be Coinbase.

With this crypto debit card, users are able to shop anywhere Visa is accepted online. Additionally, the card can be integrated into Apple Pay and Google Pay. That said, a physical card is not yet available. Shakepay users can sign up for a crypto debit card in a matter of minutes, and bitcoin-denominated rewards can be earned on all purchases.

What are the Benefits of the Shakepay Visa Card?

The main benefit of the Shakepay Visa card comes in the form of the cashback rewards. While the base reward rate is only 1%, this rate rises to 2% for the first $5,000 in purchases. Additionally, there are oftentimes bonus rates offered by Shakepay to their users. In fact, users are able to earn up to 4% cashback rewards if they refer their friends to the crypto debit card program. 4% is one of the most attractive rates on the market for those who can refer some of their friends, and it shouldn’t be too hard of a goal to achieve, as the card only recently launched in late 2021.

The other main benefit of the Shakepay Visa card worth noting is that it will come with the same high degree of usability and quality customer support that has come to define the base Shakepay platform over the years. If you’re someone who needs a helping hand when it comes to crypto, then you can’t go wrong with Shakepay.

Potential Shakepay Visa Card Dealbreakers

There are a number of different potential dealbreakers to worry about when it comes to the Shakepay Visa card.

First of all, the main selling point of the card, which is the cashback rewards program, is a bit lower than what’s available with some of the other major crypto debit cards on the market. While there are opportunities for bonuses, these bonuses amount to the base cashback rate made available with other cards.

Another obvious dealbreaker for many is that the Shakepay crypto card is only available to Canadians, which limits the total potential userbase on a global scale.

The biggest dealbreaker with the Shakepay Visa crypto card, at least as it exists today, is that it does not have any physical card option. As of now, the card is completely digital, which means it cannot be accepted everywhere Visa is accepted. That said, the card can be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay. Additionally, Shakepay will provide the card details to the user for use in online shopping.

One final factor to consider when it comes to Shakepay as a platform overall is that it does not have extensive support for different cryptocurrencies. The base platform only supports bitcoin and ether, and the cashback rewards associated with the crypto debit card are only available in bitcoin.

Is the Shakepay Visa Card Right for Me?

The reason there are so many different crypto debit cards on the market is that different comanies are creation very specific products for different types of users.

While there are a number of potential dealbreakers with this crypto card, the reality is it will still be the right option for someone who needs a heavy focus on ease of use with quality customer support options. It should also be noted that the cashback rewards earned with this card do not necessitate the use of an alternative, proprietary token, which is oftentimes a requirement with cards that offer better rewards.

If you currently live in Canada, then you should take a serious look at this offering from Shakepay during your search for the perfect crypto debit card.

Shakepay Visa Card Frequently Asked Questions

The Shakepay Visa card was released in October 2021 to a limited number of early access customers.

According to Shakepay’s Twitter, it is currently only possible to get a Shakepay Visa card via an invite from another user.

The only fees associated with the Shakepay Visa card at this time are the fees for users who wish to convert their bitcoin or ether into Canadian dollars in order to fund the card. The current fee for this activity is 1.43%.

It is expected more fees, such as those associated with ATM usage, will be added to the program once a physical card is available later in 2022.

Yes. You can top-up the Shakepay Visa by loading your Shakepay account by using Interac.

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