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  • Copy successful traders on the .com platform
  • Large variety of trading pairs including new and smaller cap cryptos (dot com site)
  • Reasonable trading fees for spot trading
  • Leverage trading available for those able to access main platform
Funding Methods Credit/debit card, bank transfer, cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies Offered Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC (Canada and China), 500+ (dot com site)
Countries Offered in Canada (.ca), China (.hk), Australia, Europe, and more (dot com)

Pros & Cons


  • Copy trading, margin trading, earning, and more (dot com)

  • DigiFinex Card can be used to spend crypto anywhere Visa is accepted

  • Large variety of assets (dot com)

  • DigiFinex Token (DFT) gives users various benefits (dot com)


  • Main platform not available to US, Canada, Singapore, China, and more

  • Almost no features or assets on .ca platforms

  • Base fees are higher than competitors like Binance

DigiFinex Features

DigiFinex has a variety of features available on its main platform, including copy trading, derivatives, earning programs, its own crypto debit card, and a Ethereum-based platform token called DigiToken. These are all fantastic features, as copy trading allows even inexperienced traders to make trades like the pros, and earning programs allow users to earn passive income on their holdings. The DigiFinex card then allows users to spend their crypto anywhere Visa is accepted.

DigiToken (DFT) is much like Binance Coin (BNB), KuCoin Share (KCS), and other dedicated crypto exchange utility tokens. It gives users access to fee discounts, free transactions such as withdrawals, and various other privileges that are dependent on the amount of DFT held by the user. 

Trading fees on spot trading are reasonable at 0.2% for maker and taker trades, but this is still double what many sites like Binance or Bybit charge (0.1%).

On the dedicated Canadian platform, there are essentially no features. The only thing you can do is trade USDC for BTC and ETH, and vice-versa. There is no earning, no margin trading, no copy trading, and no crypto credit card available. The same can be said for the dedicated HK platform.

Sign-Up Process

Signing up for DigiFinex is an extremely easy process that can be completed by following the steps below. Let’s go to Step 1.

Step 1: Go to the DigiFinex site and Enter an Email Address or Phone Number

The first step in signing up for DigiFinex is to head to their site. You can then enter your email or phone number in the box in the middle of the page to begin the sign-up process.

DigiFinex homepage

Step 2: Choose a Password and Verify Email/Phone

The next step is to create a password, accept the platform’s terms, and enter a referral if you have one. Once you’ve chosen a password and accepted the terms, you’ll have to verify your email or phone with a code DigiFinex sends you.

DigiFinex Create Account

Step 3: Know Your Customer Verification

After verifying your email or phone number, your account has been successfully created, but you still need to complete know your customer (KYC) identity verification before you can make a deposit, or trade. Click “Go to KYC”.

DigiFinex KYC

Step 4: Complete KYC

You’ll be redirected to the page below, where you can click “Verify” to begin the process. You’ll then have to pick your country of residence, and upload an identity document such as a passport or national ID card in order to complete level 1 identity verification. Once level 1 is complete you can withdraw and deposit up to $50,000 USD in value.

Digiinex KYC VerificationStep 5: Start Trading!

That’s it! You can now start using DigiFinex to buy and sell digital assets. If you need higher limits on your account, you can complete the other levels of identity verification to do so. 

Is DigiFinex Safe?

Yes, DigiFinex is a safe platform to use. Though their Canadian and Chinese platforms are very stripped down compared to their dot com one, this is because they are being compliant with local regulations. They are registered in the jurisdictions where they are available, with offices in Canada, Singapore, Australia, and more. In addition, the platform does require identity verification, which helps deter bad actors from using the platform.

The platform also offers two-factor authentication for all of its versions, letting users add a second layer of security on top of their normal password.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, DigiFinex isn’t available to US residents.

There are many great alternatives to DigiFinex, especially for Americans and Canadians, these include Coinbase, Kraken, and BitBuy.

Yes, DigiFinex requires know your customer (KYC) verification before you can deposit or make any trades on the platform.

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