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Review of Guardarian Exchange (2024)

Guardarian is an Estonian-based crypto exchange service that is a part of the Guarda Wallet company.

Launched in 2017, Guardarian offers easy buying and selling of crypto for fiat and vice versa, with transparent fees and no registration required.

If you are a Guarda Wallet user and have purchased or sold crypto through that app, then you have been using Guardarian without even knowing it, as Guardarian provides all the fiat and crypto exchange services for Guarda Wallet.

Guardarian offers over 250 crypto assets and tokens while accepting more than 50 fiat currencies, making them a globally appealing exchange service. They also offer both physical and digital crypto debit cards. Our Guardarian review will help you decide if it is right for you.

Guardarian Overview

Guardarian crypto exchange


  • Exchange over 250+ cryptos and 50+ fiat options with no registration
  • Get a physical or virtual crypto card to spend crypto globally
  • Multiple funding options available for deposits and withdrawals
Funding Methods USD, GBP, EUR (50+ Fiat currencies)
Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, ADA, SOL (99+ Cryptocurrencies)
Countries Most (but several restricted countries)

Guardarian Pros & Cons


  • No registration required

  • 250+ cryptos and 50+ fiat currencies

  • Multiple funding options

  • Crypto debit cards


  • Cannot exchange crypto for crypto on platform

  • Must purchase crypto with fiat

  • Purchases made on weekends are deposited on Monday

How to Set Up Your Guardarian Account

You do not need to set up an account to use Guardarian. Instead, you submit your exchange and then complete a one-time Identity Verification which takes about 5 minutes, and after approval your exchange is executed.

The only time you will need to have your identity verified after that is if you use a different bank account. The Guardarian identity verification process is like any other Know Your Customer/ Anti-Money Laundering (KYC/AML) process and requires a piece of identification and taking a selfie of yourself.

What You Can Buy on Guardarian

You can buy a wide selection of crypto assets and tokens on Guardarian. Here are some of the over 250 digital assets that you can buy on Guardarian:

For a full list of assets that you can purchase on Guardarian click here.

Guardarian Software

Guardarian is available through your favorite internet browser, there are no desktop or mobile applications.

You can also become a partner with Guardarian and use their widgets and APIs to allow your site visitors to buy and sell crypto and receive a portion of fees.

Best Features of Guardarian

Guardarian offers crypto debit cards, which are supported anywhere MasterCard is accepted. You can get a personal card or get cards for your company that have spending limits and a wide variety of other features. Guardarian crypto cards are a great way to spend your crypto globally.

Perhaps the best feature of Guardarian Exchange is that you do not need to register to use the exchange, but rather just have your identity verified once per funding method, meaning once you buy or sell once, you can keep using that method with no subsequent ID checks. This creates a safe exchange where your user data is not kept by the exchange as you do not create an account.

Is Guardarian Safe?

Guardarian is safe because it is not a custodial exchange service.

This means that they do not provide users with wallets, or hold users’ funds, which means there is nothing to hack. They are simply a fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat exchange where you pick the crypto you want to buy or sell and use your own wallet to receive or send the crypto.

They protect users’ privacy by not having them create accounts but instead just having their identity verified through one of their third-party services before a purchase, meaning there is no database of users to be hacked either.

What are Guardarian Fees Like?

Guardarian’s fees are actually quite low when compared to most regular centralized exchanges.

This is because they charge flat rates regardless of purchase or sale amount rather than a percentage of the transaction. This results in low fees, especially so for higher value transactions. For lower value transactions it can become less reasonable because of the same reason. However, there is a minimum purchase and sale amount on Guardarian which helps to offset the fee.

For most purchases, the fee is 2.49 in whatever fiat currency you are choosing to buy in, while it is 3.49 of the desired fiat currency for selling you crypto.

Frequently Asked Questions About Guardarian

Guardarian is not owned by Guarda Wallet but is their partner. They provide all of the fiat and crypto exchange services for Guarda Wallet, while Guarda Wallet provides non-custodial wallet services for users.

Guarda Wallet started in 2017 with single currency mono wallets for Ethereum, and now their products are available from any browser, any PC operating system PC (Windows, macOS, Linux/Ubuntu), and smartphone (iOS and Android), supporting over 45 major blockchains, more than 400K tokens and dozens of stablecoins. You can buy and sell crypto assets within the Guarda Wallet and those services are provided by Guardarian.

In order to get a Guardarian crypto card you simply have to contact their sales team through the form on the website.

Because Guardarian charges a flat fee for most of their buying and selling methods their fees can be quite low compared to other exchanges because most exchanges charge a percentage. For example, you can buy BTC with a flat fee of 2.49 EUR and sell it with a flat fee of 3.49 EUR, meaning even if you buy the max 2000 EUR worth of BTC you will only get charged 2.49 EUR or about 0.1%, which is quite low.

Guardarian is available is all countries but the following: China, Vietnam, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Algeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Taiwan, Cambodia.

It is also not available for residents of these US States: Alabama (AL), Alaska (AK), New Mexico (NM), Hawaii (HI), Nevada (NV), Washington (WA), and Vermont (VT).

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