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CRO is the core coin of the exchange. CRO is meant to compliment the ecosystem by allowing individuals to opt in to a variety of different tiers of benefits within their exchange. uses the same model for their other coin, MCO or Monaco, allowing people to opt into different tiers of crypto VISA debit cards. CRO will eventually live on its own dedicated blockchain, but for the time being (May 2020), CRO is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. is known for incremental, and consistent progress. has an overarching goal of fueling and accelerating mass adoption by creating a seamless cryptocurrency experience. Their complete offering includes buying and selling with government money, trading (exchange), a VISA debit card, lending and borrowing, automated trading, and a non-custodial wallet. The rest of this review will be focused solely on CRO and its viability as a cryptocurrency.

General Overview

The Benefits PRO's
  • 20% APY interest for staking on exchange
  • Discounts on exchange fees
  • Opt-in to syndicate event where various cryptocurrencies can be bought at 50% off
  • Holding a certain number of CRO offers perks like higher interest rates for staking
The Downside CON's
  • High APY for staking has people questioning business model
  • Coin has little use case outside of the ecosystem

Our Favorite Cryptocurrency Exchange for CRO Exchange Logo

  • One-stop shop for crypto with built-in exchange, app, lending platform, debit card and more
  • Native CRO token assists in making low-fee transactions
  • Potential for high amount of interest when storing digital assets on
  • A long-term goal of building cryptocurrency adoption on whole


All Time Low : $ 0.01 USD

All Time High : $ 0.15 USD

Market Capitalization:

All Time High: $1,367,473,185

Current: $1,367,473,185


Current: 17,129,223,744 Must be pulled dynamically

Max: 100,000,000,000

Network Speed:

Rating: Low (15 – 30 Tx/s)


Rating: Low
Reason: The token supply for is capped at 100 billion tokens. This is a high number for any cryptocurrency. The first CRO tokens were airdropped on MCO token holders. Since then, has been dispersing CRO tokens to stakers on the exchange. Not even a fifth of the tokens are currently in circulation. This gives the CRO token a low disbursement rating.

Developer Engagement:

Rating: Medium
Reason: has been consistent with their roadmap. has delivered on incremental product releases since their inception in 2016. publishers API documentation for both their payment portal, and their exchange. Most of the documentation and end products are in their early stages which is why we give CRO a medium developer rating.


Rating: Low
Reason: CRO is a relatively new coin. The number of exchanges that offer a CRO trading pair is low. Furthermore, outside of staking, and using it for discounts on the exchange, there is not much of a use case. Therefore we give CRO a low liquidity rating.

History of CRO started in 2016, and ran a successful ICO in 2017 where they launched their MCO token. It now appears that has a broader goal of accelerating mass adoption of cryptocurrency. They are focusing on enabling cryptocurrency payments around the world. A large emphasis has been placed on the interaction between the customer and the merchants. gives the ability for both the customer and the merchant to choose the currency they pay and get paid in.

CRO formally got started in December of 2018 with an airdrop through the mobile application. The airdrop lasted 6 months, and was locked for an additional year after. CRO started becoming more open to the public with the launch of the exchange. Suddenly owners of CRO were able to stake their coins at 20% APY within the exchange. Since the launch of the exchange in 2020, has piled on a range of different incentives for buying, staking, and using CRO. The incentives range from access to their syndicate events, to discounts on the exchange.

Advantages of CRO

There are several advantages of CRO worth mentioning. All the advantages are currently related to the exchange, as the core blockchain that will eventually host CRO is not yet live. The first advantage is the 20% APY that users receive for staking the CRO token. The second advantage is by staking your CRO (and earning 20% APY) you also gain access to the syndicate events. The syndicate is where offers users the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies at a discounted price, usually 50% off. The third advantage is the tiered discounts on trading fees within the exchange. By staking more CRO, you pay less fees.

Disadvantages of CRO

The disadvantages of CRO have everything to do with its infancy as a project. New projects tend to have low liquidity, limited use case, and incomplete technology. CRO fits these categories. It is too early to tell whether or not CRO will carve out its niche within the broader cryptocurrency market. The biggest disadvantage of CRO is that only one fifth of the total supply is currently in circulation. This creates a lot of uncertainty in the direction of the overall project, and the price of CRO.

Where to Buy CRO

The most obvious place to buy CRO is the exchange itself. However, CRO can be bought on a range of other exchanges such as Huobi, or KuCoin.

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