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CoinLoan Lending Platform Review

Established in 2018 CoinLoan is a peer-to peer cryptocurrency lending platform based in Estonia that offers users a high loan-to-value rate while also offering attractive interest rates for those wishing to earn passive income. They also offer a crypto exchange in addition to borrowing and lending fiat currencies such as the Euro. Our CoinLoan Review will help you decide if it is the right platform for you.

CoinLoan Pros & Cons


  • No fees for lending

  • Easy to use

  • Loans are secured with collateral

  • High loan-to-value rate with many term lengths available

  • Both crypto and fiat loans and lending available


  • Volatility of crypto assets affects your loan

CoinLoan at a Glance

Built-in exchange: Yes
Products Exchange, borrowing and lending
Max interest available: 10.3%
Headquarters: Estonia
Year established: 2018
Proprietary credit card: No
Minimum loan amount: No minimum
Maximum loan amount 70% of collateral
FDIC insured: No

Funding Methods

Method Deposit Withdrawal
Bank Transfer Yes Yes
Credit Card Yes No
Cryptocurrency Yes Yes

CoinLoan Overview

Coinloan is a peer-to-peer lending platform that targets both borrowers and investors. If you are looking to borrow money, the platform operates in a similar nature to a secured loan because you will be required to put your cryptocurrency or fiat holdings up as collateral. You will then be able to borrow up to 70% of the cryptocurrency or fiat’s loan-to-value. This is an attractive option to those with bad credit ratings as there are no credit checks required, you simply need the necessary collateral and the loan is yours.

CoinLoan allows you to borrow funds on both a short-term and long-term basis. These loan terms vary from seven days, all the way up to three years. Of course you will need to pay interest on the borrowed funds as you would with any other loan provider.

CoinLoan is also suitable for those that wish to earn passive income. The platform allows you to lend fiat currency and cryptocurrency, including stable coins, with the funds then being distributed to those that are using the borrowing side of CoinLoan. In return for your lent assets the platform offers a rate of just over 10% a year. In addition if you stake their CoinLoan Token (CLT) you have access to higher returns.

Crypto Loans & Borrowing

Borrowing and getting loans from traditional banks is a painstaking process that takes a lot of time. Getting a loan from CoinLoan is as simple as depositing your collateral. Once you have signed up for the platform and completed the Know Your Customer process, which is required due to the fiat currency aspect of the platform, you are able to get a loan based on the amount of fiat or cryptocurrency that you deposit. There are no fees for your deposit. You can get a loan of up to 70% of the value of your collateral, meaning if you deposit $10,000 you can get a loan of up to $7,000.

There are 3 types of loans available: Crypto-to-Fiat Loans, Crypto-to-Crypto Loans, and Fiat-to-Crypto Loans.

Regardless of which type of loan you choose, you will have to repay your loan. If you choose a short-term loan (7 days-1 month) you have to make one single repayment. If you choose a long-term loan (2 months+) then you have to make payments every month. You always have the option to pay off the loan early. Your collateral is only returned to you when you have repaid your loan.

Does CoinLoan Offer Interest Accounts?

Much like getting a loan on the platform, earning passive income on your deposited assets is simple as well. Simply pick the asset you wish to earn interest on, pick a term, and sit back and earn extra money. You can earn interest of up to 10.3% on CoinLoan, this rate is essentially for stablecoins and the Euro, and is dependent on you having a stake of CoinLoan Tokens (CLT). Otherwise the max rate is 8.3%. We will take a look at how CLT works later in this review. Your interest is paid out in whatever asset you have loaned and deposited directly into your wallet.

The minimum amount you can earn interest on is $100 for fiat and stablecoins, and approximately $100 worth of the supported crypto assets. You can currently earn interest on:

Loans are available in all of the above, along with DAI, GBP, RUB, USD, and EURS.

Extra Features

In addition to the loaning and lending features of the platform, CoinLoan also offers a built-in exchange for trading of supported assets, which is a convenient feature that not all lending platforms have. You can simply log into the exchange with your account and trade any assets available in your wallet.

CoinLoan Token (CLT) is the other feature offered. Staking CLT gives you access to higher interest rates depending on how much you have staked. There is no minimal staking time needed to get bonus rates. Within a day after deposit, all interest rates in the Interest Account will increase by 0.1% for every 250 CLT you hold, for example:

  • 250 CLT raises your interest by 0.1%
  • 750 CLT by 0.3%
  • 2,500 CLT by 1%
  • 5,000 CLT by 2%

The maximum bonus is 2%, so having more than 5,000 CLT will not affect your interest rates anymore.

CoinLoan Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Because CoinLoan’s loans are secured loans, everything is secure. They also hold a number of regulatory licenses and certificates from FinCEN MSB Registration, FATCA FFI Registration, MTR Virtual Currency Wallet Service License, and an MTR Financial Institution License. The platform also publishes its three European Financial License numbers on the bottom of every page on the site.

Fees for borrowing fiat are 1% of the principal, fees for crypto borrowing vary by asset, but can be reduced by 50% by paying in CoinLoan Tokens.

There is no fixed interest rate per-say at Coinloan, as the rate will vary from borrower-to-borrower. It is dependent on the amount being borrowed, the term of the loan, the type of cryptocurrency used as collateral, and the size of the loan-to-value ratio.

CoinLoan Token (CLT) is the native token of the platform, staking CLT gives you access to higher interest rates on your interest accounts. See the Extra Features section for more details.

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