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Delta Review

Delta is one of the few crypto portfolio tracker apps that may actually be able to keep up with the success of industry-leader Blockfolio. Launched in 2017, Delta was able to earn its first million users within a year. And since then, the developers behind the platform have continued to add new features and simplify the tracking of one’s cryptocurrency portfolio.

Most of the successful crypto portfolio apps have some sort of niche feature that cannot be found anywhere else, and the unique attribute that Delta provides is the ability to track all investments, including non-crypto speculations, in one single interface. This isn’t an app to only track the price of Bitcoin and Ether. It’s an app that gives you a clear picture of your entire financial situation in the palm of your hand.

On top of negating the need for separate apps for different segments of your investment portfolio, Delta is also beautifully designed and comes with a level of simplicity that you’d expect from the most popular pieces of software on the app store. The average Delta review score on mobile is 4.7, so that tells you there haven’t been many angry customers piling up along the way. Let’s take a deeper dive into what makes Delta an option worth serious consideration in terms of tracking the movements of your crypto holdings.

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  • Track traditional investments along with your crypto portfolio

  • The app is beautifully designed

  • Supports more than 300 cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Constant stream of updates always being made to the app

  • The free version of this app comes with an incredible set of features

  • Delta Direct connects crypto token development teams with their users


  • Many of the exchanges supported are for pricing purposes only

  • The Pro version of the app will not be worth it for most

  • No support for trading from within the app

Best Features of Delta

Delta’s unique offering is the ability for users to track all of their investments in the app, not just their speculations in the crypto market. While there is support for over 300 crypto exchanges and more than 5,000 different crypto assets, Delta users are also able to track all of their holdings in the stock, currency, futures, ETF, mutual fund, and other markets as well.

This is an invaluable feature for many investors, as it is still somewhat rare for someone to only be exposed to the cryptocurrency markets and not still have plenty of holdings in the traditional financial system. That said, Delta is also highly customizable, meaning someone who only wants to focus on one or two of these four different market options can hone in on those specific assets and ignore the areas of market they tend to avoid. If you’re only interested in crypto, then Delta can still be used as a crypto-only app.

Another key selling point of Delta is the large number of features that are supported in the free version of the app. While some crypto portfolio trackers will not even let you connect your exchange accounts to your crypto portfolio without a paid subscription, Delta allows users to connect to up to two different exchanges and wallets in the free version of the app. If you decide to upgrade to the paid version of the Delta portfolio tracker, then you’ll be able to do things like sync your account between multiple devices and have unlimited connections to your various exchange accounts. However, this upgrade option is a bit pricier than similar offerings on the market.

One of the most overlooked attributes of a crypto portfolio tracker app is the quality of the development team behind the project. Delta has an extremely strong team of programmers constantly working on adding improvements to the app, and they’re well-known for their constant stream of updates that contain valuable additions to the crypto portfolio in terms of both features and overall functionality. The fact that the app currently has support for more than 300 different cryptocurrency exchanges is a testament to the hard work that goes into this portfolio tracker on a daily basis. Some other options on the market can count their number of supported exchanges on two hands. The quality of the Delta development team can also be seen in the app’s overall user interface, which is perhaps the best in the market.

One final feature to keep in mind is that Delta cannot be used to do any sort of trading on exchanges from within the app. That’s right, this is a feature. While some potential users would view this as a downside of using Delta, the reality is that avoid risky API connections to your exchange account can be viewed as a security feature.

What Cryptocurrency Exchanges are Supported?

Delta supports more than 300 cryptocurrency exchanges, but the vast majority of them can only be used for price tracking and not for more advanced features like adding an API key to a Delta account. This sort of structure is rather common in the crypto portfolio space.

Here are the crypto exchanges that can be connected directly to your Delta account to import your trades and current holdings automatically:

It should be noted that Delta’s extremely active development team is always adding new crypto exchange integrations on a continual basis. Additionally, Delta plans to add brokerage account connections to the app in the near future, which means the non-crypto portion of your portfolio will also eventually be able to be auto-updated.

Is Delta Safe?

Delta is definitely on the safe side when it comes to crypto portfolio apps.

This is because Delta does not actually allow their users to make any trades on their exchange accounts via the Delta app. Users may only connect their exchange accounts for the purpose of tracking their latest trades on the exchanges and their current crypto holdings. This enables an incredible amount of security for Delta users, as there is no need to worry about securing an account that has access to a multitude of crypto exchanges accounts. Of course, this comes with the tradeoff of not being able to trade crypto assets from directly in the Delta app, which creates a bit of overall friction with the process of managing your crypto investments.

With all this said, Delta users still need to be careful when it comes to the process of adding an exchange API key to their account. This is because there are different types of API keys that can be generated in various exchange account interfaces. In short, you need to make sure that you are creating an API key that is of the “view only” variety when you create a new key for the Delta app. You do not want this API key to be able to make trades or withdrawals on your behalf because that’s just creating an extra security hole in your exchange account that does not need to be created.

Supported Operating Systems

Delta is available on all platforms, but you’ll have to download the mobile app on your Android or Apple device first. If you then want to be able to view your Delta crypto portfolio on your desktop or laptop computer, you will need to download the Delta desktop extension on that device.

The software for desktop computers running Windows, MacOS, or Linux is basically just an extension of the app on your mobile phone rather than a standalone application. If you want to be able to sync with up to five of your devices, then you’ll need a Pro subscription.

Potential Dealbreakers

Delta is an extremely well-rounded crypto portfolio tracker, but there are still a few dealbreakers in the eyes of some potential users. For one, there is no trading within the Delta app. Anyone who uses this app to track their crypto portfolio will still need to go on the exchanges directly to place their orders and make deposits and withdrawals. As mentioned previously, this is viewed as a positive by some for security reasons, but there is also a large contingent of crypto traders that wants to be able to everything in a single interface. If you’re someone who wants to trade on multiple exchanges without having to switch between many different tabs, then you’ll need to look elsewhere for your crypto portfolio tracking needs.

Pro versions of crypto portfolio tracking apps are pretty common, but Delta’s offering in this regard may not be worth it. It’s a bit more on the expensive end at nearly $60 per year. The multiple portfolio options, unlimited exchange connects, multiple device syncing, and other perks that come with Delta Pro are wonderful, but these sorts of features can be found at a lower price with other apps. In fact, some apps offer these features for free.

One last potential dealbreaker will also be looked at as a feature by some users. There are plenty of people who view the fact that Delta can be used as a centralized portal for someone’s entire investment portfolio as only a positive thing, but the reality is that focusing on the greater financial world also means the developers behind the project are spending time on non-crypto features at least part of the time. Some crypto traders are only interested in staying within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which means an app focused on only tracking crypto assets may be a better option for them. Over the long term, the feature set of a crypto-only portfolio tracker is more likely to better suite their needs.

Yes, mobile alerts are available for users of the Delta crypto portfolio tracker. In addition to the user’s own customizations, the app can also automatically pick out the notifications that make the most sense for the individual user by tracking their activity in the app. For example, the app is more likely to tell you about the latest developments that you actually hold in your portfolio or look at on a regular basis. Updates from the development teams behind specific coins are also available via Delta Direct.

Delta Direct is a program from the Delta crypto portfolio tracker app that allows the teams behind various crypto token projects to connect directly with their user bases. If you are familiar with the Blockfolio app, then you may better understand this as Delta’s version of Blockfolio Signal. This feature is extremely valuable for cryptocurrency projects, but it should be remember that it always makes sense to get a point of view from people on the outside of a project as well.

Delta is one of the few alternative crypto portfolio apps that can actually compete with Blockfolio in a handful of areas, but the reality is that Blockfolio is by far the best crypto tracker on the market right now. Blockfolio has many more features than Delta, and Blockfolio also has better versions of the features that can be found in both crypto portfolio trackers. That said, there are two key situations where Delta may be a better option than Blockfolio. For one, Delta is clearly a better option if you like the simplicity of managing all of your investments in one app. At this time, Blockfolio does not allow you to track your traditional financial investments, such as stocks, in their app. Secondly, Delta may be a better option if you’re worried about accidentally giving your crypto portfolio tracker too much access to your exchange accounts because Delta does not currently support trading within the app.

The global investment platform eToro acquired Delta in 2019. This acquisition made sense because, just like Delta, eToro works in both the cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets.

Yes, you can use your Delta crypto app on your desktop computer; however, you have to download the mobile version of the app on your Android or Apple device first. The desktop app is not a standalone app and mainly acts as an extension of the mobile app for your desktop devices.

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