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Unstoppable Domains Review: Your Address for the Future?

When sending cryptocurrencies to yourself or others, the issue that often arises is verifying that you have the right address, because it is a complex string of letters and numbers, even doing a copy and paste likely results in you meticulously verifying that everything pasted correctly, even though it must have.

This is where Unstoppable Domains aims to help drive adoption of crypto with their blockchain domains. These domains can not only be used as fully functional webpages, with decentralized applications (dApps) built-in, but also as a payment hub address where users can receive over 275 different crypto coins and tokens. By giving complex crypto addresses a human readable name, Unstoppable Domains aims to be the domain addresses of the future.

Unstoppable Domains Overview

Is Unstoppable Domains the solution to complicated crypto addresses?

Unstoppable Domains

  • Unstoppable Domains is an entirely new product that streamlines the crypto transaction process
  • One-time purchase also gives you access to website domain
  • Replaces complicated public keys with an easy-to-remember domain for transactions
  • Extremely competitive pricing that starts at just $20 with no renewal fees
Pricing: $20+
Cryptocurrencies supported: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. (275+)

Unstoppable Domains Pros & Cons


  • One-time purchase of domain

  • Simplifies way in which people interact with crypto addresses

  • Censor resistant domain stored in your wallet

  • More functionality than traditional domains

  • Supports 276 crypto assets


  • Have to spend ETH to claim domain

  • Still some question as to whether Unstoppable Domains will achieve widespread adoption

  • Some domains are still pre-sale only

What is Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains was founded in 2018 by Matthew Gould, the current CEO, who saw a need for it to be easier for users to interact with crypto addresses. The aim of Unstoppable Domains is to be like the DNS system that came into place, so users did not have to learn IP addresses in order to get to websites, except for crypto addresses.

In this manner they have succeeded greatly, as they have created a domain system that allows users to set up payments for 276 digital assets under a single domain name, while also being able to be used as a fully functioning website that can even have dApps built onto them because the domain is hosted on the blockchain. With a single payment and no annual renewal fees, Unstoppable Domains is an intriguing tool for crypto users.

Is Unstoppable Domains Safe?

Unstoppable Domains is extremely safe because once claimed the domains exist under your address on blockchain, meaning they are as secure as the blockchain itself.

It is doubly safe because this also means that the domain cannot be blocked by anyone other than you, so your website is never at risk of being down due to censorship. The site for purchasing the domains is safe as well and can be secured with two-factor authentication.

How Much is Unstoppable Domains?

The cost of Unstoppable Domains depends on a two main factors, though it should be noted that purchasing a domain is a one-time cost and requires no annual renewals of any sort.

The first factor is the cost of the domain itself, this can range from $20 USD to well over $1000 USD depending on the domain you choose, as cost is based on domain type (.crypto is more than .wallet for example), and the length of the domain name, with shorter domains costing extra. In addition, there are premium domains that cost tens of thousands.

The next factor is the gas fees associated with using the Ethereum blockchain to claim your domain, because the domains are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, the transaction to claim them comes in ETH and is not included in your initial purchase. The gas fees you will pay will depend on the current cost of ETH and the network congestion at the time of the transaction. Overall you can get likely yourself a cheap .crypto domain and claim it for under $50 total.

What Are the Best Features of Unstoppable Domains?

There are a few features of Unstoppable Domains that stand out. The fact that it is a one-time purchase with no annual renewal is extremely appealing considering the way traditional domain ownership works, and in addition, the domain is censor resistant, meaning it cannot be taken down by anyone other than the owner.

The domains also have more functionality than traditional domains because they can be used to a payment router, but also used to create websites with dApps built directly on them because they exist on the blockchain, allowing the use of smart contracts on your site.

Perhaps the best and most appealing feature of Unstoppable Domains is that is provides you a way to have one address for you to receive 276 different crypto assets, meaning once you set it up you will only ever need to know your domain and your payments will be routed to the wallets you set up for each cryptocurrency. It is easier not only for you, but for anyone who you want to receive funds from.

Potential Dealbreakers

There is only one real potential dealbreaker when it comes to using Unstoppable Domains, and that is the cost of claiming your domain with Ethereum.

This may only be a dealbreaker because you do not have any Ethereum at your address and need to purchase some in order to claim your domain, or if for some reason you think it is unreasonable to pay the gas fees. However, this is a one-time transaction fee, and unless you decide to sell/transfer your domain to someone else it will be the extra fee associated with getting your domain.

Unstoppable Domains Frequently Asked Questions

The primary use for Unstoppable Domains is to create decentralized identities for users around the world and simplify the way in which we interact with cryptocurrency addresses by giving them a human readable name, much like how domains replaced IP addresses for the websites you currently interact with.

Yes, Unstoppable Domains has the same security as the blockchains they are hosted on (Ethereum and Zilliqa), making them extremely safe. In addition, because the domain is hosted in the blockchain it cannot be censored.

No single entity owns Unstoppable Domains, the founder and CEO is Matthew Gould, but once purchased and claimed domains can only be owned or controlled by the purchaser.

No, while Unstoppable Domains can be used to receive Bitcoin to your Bitcoin address it only exists on the Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains at this time. Your payment is resolved by being routed through the ETH or ZIL blockchains, verified, then signed and sent to the necessary blockchain such as Bitcoin.

No, Unstoppable Domains is not a crypto wallet, they are a seller of blockchain domains. They do hold your domains in their custody until you claim them, but they do not offer any crypto wallet services themselves.

The main point of a .crypto domain or any of the other domain extensions available for purchase through Unstoppable Domains is to provide a simple and secure way for people to interact with crypto addresses. Using a .crypto domain means you will never have to provide people with any other information than your domain in order to receive funds in over 275 digital assets.

The answer to this question is subjective but it should be said that Unstoppable Domains helps drive mass adoption by simplifying the way in which people interact with crypto addresses. By making it less complicated to send crypto to people with simplified domains that house all your receiving addresses Unstoppable Domains is good for crypto.

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