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Zignaly Review: A Crypto-Centric Automated Trading Platform

Zignaly is a relatively new but powerful automated trading platform that has burst onto the crypto trading bot scene. With a number of cryptocurrency signal finder services available, the cloud based platform provides different levels of automation that can suit users of an experience level. Users can have trades completely automated, combine others’ trading strategies with their own, or build and automate their own strategies from the ground up. Combine that with the fact that Zignaly is free to use and does not take a cut of your profits, and you have a powerful tool for maximizing your crypto trading profits. Whether you are a beginner or expert, our Zignaly review will help you determine if it is right for you.

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Zignaly Pros & Cons


  • Free to use

  • Easy to use for people new to trading bots

  • Lots of signal providers

  • Unlimited coin pairs and trading positions


  • Limited number of exchanges available

  • Not as polished as some of its competitors

How Zignaly Pricing Works

Zignaly’s trading platform is free to use! This is something new, as they used to have a free 30-day trial followed by a reasonable monthly subscription fee. But now you can easily create a free account and gain instant access to their services. Your free account includes:

  • Unlimited Exchanges
  • Unlimited Coin Pairs
  • Unlimited Trading Positions
  • Priority Support

The only thing you may have to pay for on Zignaly is extra trade signals. Crypto signals for trading are available for free on Zignaly, but you are also able to pay for cryptocurrency signals from tried and trusted providers. Prices for these trading strategies are fairly reasonable, topping out at $20 a month for some of the higher end options. There are many other price points available, each provider gives a description of their services, such as buy signals, sell signals, DCA rebuys, or trailing stop loss targets. That said, Zignaly has plenty of free signal providers to choose from, all with proven track records, so you can certainly make profits on your crypto trading without having to buy extra signals.

Available Exchanges

Perhaps the biggest weakness of Zignaly’s offerings is the number of exchanges that are available for users of the trading platform. Zignaly currently only has compatibility with two exchanges, though adding more support for three other exchanges is in progress according to their roadmap. Still, a total of five exchanges is somewhat lacking compared to other crypto trading bots on the market. Here are the available and potential exchanges for use with Zignaly:

  • Binance
  • KuCoin
  • Bittrex (not yet available)
  • Poloniex (not yet available)
  • BitMEX (not yet available)

It is worth noting just how small this selection of available exchanges is. Almost every other trading bot service we have reviewed on CryptoVantage has at least 10 available exchanges, so unless you are an avid Binance or KuCoin user, it may be best to choose from one of the other options we have reviewed, as otherwise Zignaly is likely not very useful to you. While Zignaly provides great options for its users, the scope is limited.

Using Zignaly

Once you have signed up for your free account you simply need to connect your exchange account via API keys provided exchange side in order to allow Zignaly to have access and make trades on your behalf. They do not get permission to withdraw funds, so your assets are safe on the exchange. You simply fund your exchange account as you normally would and then you can use whichever features from Zignaly you would like in order to automate your crypto trading and maximize your profits day and night.


Copy Trading

Copy trading is perfect for newcomers to crypto trading. You can copy expert traders’ activity automatically and essentially let them do the work for you. Once you have connected your exchange account you simply need to select the trader that you wish to follow and pick the desired maximum amount of funds you would like to use. Zignaly’s copy trading platform will them automatically replicated the trading activity of the trader you are following, ensuring that your results match the trader’s. No need to worry about settings, strategy, or risk management, it is all done on your behalf. Traders will often charge for these services, and you are able to see reviews and success of each trader.

If you are already a successful trader, you can set up to be a copy trader available on Zignaly’s marketplace and earn extra income by letting others profit of your own strategies.

Trading Bot

Zignaly’s trading bot allows you to use your own strategy and signals, or a free or paid provider’s, and trade automatically. You can accept sell signals to use the bot on auto-mode or set your own rules in order to open and close positions. In addition, you can use TradingView to create you own buy and sell signals and import them into Zignaly. Here are some of the benefits to the trading bot feature:

  • Unlimited coin pairs
  • Accept multi-targets from signals
  • DCA rebuy strategy options
  • Get sell signals to automate close
  • Trailing stops
  • Trade using TradingView signals

Trading Terminal

The Zignaly trading platform features a powerful trading terminal that you can use to set full trading strategies with concurrent orders on the same exchange balance. This includes stop-loss, take-profit, trailing stop and more. Overall, the trading terminal just a bot that you can set to your own specifications and let trade 24/7 instead of just when you are on the exchange or at your computer.

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