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Trust Wallet Review 2024

Few crypto wallets are as reliable as Trust Wallet. Launched as an open-source project, not only is Trust Wallet compatible with all major cryptocurrency types, including BTC, ETH, ERC20 tokens, and much more, it also allows you to buy crypto directly from the wallet using your credit or debit card.

What’s more, for security reasons, Trust Wallet encrypts your private keys on the device you use it on so that no one has access to it but you. This means you can easily restore your wallet if your mobile phone or tablet gets lost or destroyed without worrying about the security of your crypto assets.

You also get to browse through the plethora of decentralized applications from the Trust Wallet interface, which is great. Here is a review of these and more features that Trust Wallet has to offer.

Trust Wallet Overview

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet

  • Highly respected multi-crypto wallet that launched as an open-source project
  • Stake coins like Binance Coin, Kava and Cosmos to earn interest
  • Options to buy cryptocurrency directly in wallet
  • Supports NFTs and in-browser dApps
Cryptocurrencies 160+ (BTC, USDC, ETH, SOL)
Cost Free

Trust Wallet Pros & Cons


  • Intuitive user interface

  • Supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies on multiple blockchains

  • Free to download

  • Supports credit card exchange


  • Only available on mobile devices

  • There is no fiat deposit

  • No compatibility with hardware wallets

Trust Wallet Breakdown

Trust Wallet was founded by Viktor Radchenko (Ukrainian developer) in 2017 as a solution to the custody issues with the growing list of cryptocurrencies and ICOs at the time. To date, cryptocurrencies continue to grow to the thousands with a growing demand for secure and reliable digital asset storage solutions.

The company was acquired by industry giant Binance in 2018.

Trust Wallet is completely open-source, so developers could use its code to build their decentralized apps for the crypto community. Currently, thousands of Dapps are compatible with Trust Wallet, and more are being added every day, keeping its users at the cutting-edge of digital currencies use cases which is great.

Trust Wallet comes with a mobile app that is available on Android devices, IOS and can be downloaded on Google Play.

Beginner Perspective of Trust Wallet

To those that have just gotten into cryptocurrencies, Trust Wallet is a no-brainer as it is very easy to use.

Although the wallet currently does not support fiat currency, you can buy coins from your phone using your credit card, which means you don’t need an actual bank account to do so.

In addition, the app does not come with a desktop version; however, its mobile version comes with everything you need to get started with cryptocurrencies of all kinds.

Some users online have complained that its user interface is a bit outdated, but Trust Wallet is continuously working to improve its wallet platform.

Best Features

The best part about Trust Wallet is the fact that it is built to support more than one million digital assets.

With support for over 50 blockchains, you can be sure that your Trust Wallet will have support for any cryptocurrency, NFTs, or digital asset you can think of. What’s more, you can set up your wallet in a few minutes plus, given that it is a decentralized wallet, you get full control of the assets.

Other outstanding features include the fact that you can buy crypto with a card which is hard to come by feature among Trust Wallet competitors.

Supported Cryptos

As mentioned, Trust Wallet claims that it has support for over 1 million cryptocurrencies and over 50 blockchains.

From Bitcoin to Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Polygon, and Dogecoin, you can pretty much use the Trust Wallet app to trade in any digital currencies. Trust Wallet doesn’t just support a variety of cryptocurrencies, but it is compatible with some of the best Dapps out there, including a dApp browser that gives you easy access to top decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and Pancakeswap.

Security and Customer Support

When it comes to security and customer support, Trust Wallet features the latest encryption software to keep your assets safe. Furthermore, users can take advantage of two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security, but you get to decide whether or not to activate it. With safekeeping of the seed phase, Trust Wallet can serve its purpose even when something goes wrong, and you need to regain access to your wallet.

Trust Wallet also comes with a 24/7 customer service team that is available in 18 different languages making it easy for international cryptocurrency enthusiasts to use Trust Wallet.

Potential Dealbreakers

While Trust Wallet is a great and easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet, there are some things you might not like. For instance, if you do not have the seed words of your wallet, it’s impossible to access it again from the app, making it a potential dealbreaker for those that may forget their seed phase. In addition, one drawback with Trust Wallet is that it is not available on desktop devices which means you have to always use your mobile device when using the wallet – a potential dealbreaker for some.

Trust Wallet also has a connection to Binance exchange that might be unacceptable to some people looking for a completely independent crypto wallet.

Overall, Trust Wallet gets a high trust rating from its users, who say the app is pretty easy to use and impressive in terms of security and convenience.

Trust Wallet Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does. Check it out on their site

For an open-source wallet, Trust Wallet is one of the most reliable options.

You can also choose to store your crypto’s seed phrase on a paper wallet kept in a safe. You can also use the Trust Wallet app to store private keys in a device you rarely use.

No. Trust Walle is free to download.

Yes of course.

Binance purchased the company behind Trust Wallet in 2018.

Yes. Trust Wallet offers staking support for the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Binance Coin
  • Tron
  • VeChain
  • Terra (LUNA)
  • Kava
  • Algorand
  • Cosmos

Check the site to see the current APY on each asset.

Jinia Shawdagor

About the Author

Jinia Shawdagor

Jinia is a fintech writer based in Sweden focused on the cryptocurrency market and blockchain industry. With years of experience, she contributes to some of the most renowned crypto publications such as Cointelegraph, Invezz and others. She also has experience writing about the iGaming industry.

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