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Harmony (ONE) is an interesting layer one blockchain network that offers fast transaction speeds, low fees and interoperability with other layer one networks. It is the first sharding network to offer staking, with steady yearly returns for both validators and delegators.

The platform has been designed for decentralized apps (DApps) and currently processes 2,000 transactions per second (TPS) with 2 second finality and fees that are about 1000x less than Ethereum. The project aims to scale to a million with its sharding protocol adding 500 TPS per shard. Find out everything you need to know about Harmony (ONE) in CryptoVantage’s Harmony review.

ONE Pros & Cons


  • Highly scalable

  • Fast transactions with low fees

  • Low barrier for entry for validators

  • High returns through staking


  • Fierce competition

  • Relatively new project that will need to gain traction fast.

  • Centralization of decision-making

  • Roadmap is a bit unclear

Our Favorite Exchange for Buying ONE

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  • Lowest transaction fees of any major exchange
  • 175+ different digital assets available
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ONE Ratings

Developer Engagement

  • Rating: High
  • Reason: Active development team and community. The GitHub for the project has dozens of repositories that have been updated within the last week. Harmony provides a developer resource website with information on everything a developer would need to start building on Harmony. There are also developer bounties.


  • Rating: Medium-high
  • Reason: Token launch was done through a private sale of which 22.4% of supply was sold, before being launched through Binance Launchpad where another 12.5% was sold. 16.9% has been put aside for the team. This means over 50% of supply is held by a small group of parties. However, there are already 1,000 validators on the network, and the barrier to entry for becoming a validator is only 10k ONE, which is about $3,000 at current prices. This means the barrier to entry is fairly low even for latecomers.


  • Rating: Medium
  • Reason: Top 50 cryptocurrency asset by market cap with average daily volumes over $250 million. Currently available on most major exchanges making it easier to sell. A listing on Coinbase would give it high liquidity.

Network Speed

  • Rating: Medium
  • Reason: Current transactions per second (TPS) is 2,000, with the potential to scale to a much higher number. The network can process 500 TPS per shard, of which there are currently 4. As more shards are added the network TPS will increase exponentially. Harmony has a goal of 2,000 shards, which would be 1 million TPS.


  • Total Supply: 13,316,442,432 ONE

History of Harmony

Harmony was founded in 2017 by Stephen Tse along with Rongjian Lan, Sahil Dewan, and Nick White. The team has experience working for Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. ONE tokens were originally launched on Ethereum and Binance networks before being migrated to the Harmony blockchain beginning in January 2020. Users wishing to participate in staking, governance and other network activities had to migrate their tokens to Harmony.

Harmony became the first sharded blockchain to launch staking when it did so on May 16, 2020. In 2021, the network added support for web wallet while also launching their on-chain 1Wallet, initiated decentralized voting, and added Bitcoin and Polkadot bridges. In 2022, the project aims to increase adoption and interoperability.

Where You Can Buy Harmony

You can buy Harmony (ONE) from most centralized exchanges and a few decentralized exchanges. It is currently not available on Coinbase, but you can buy ONE on the following exchanges to name a few:

Advantages of Harmony

As with many burgeoning crypto projects Harmony offers fast transactions with low fees. The network can currently process 2,000 transactions per second (TPS), which is in line with Visa, and more than both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The network uses a sharding mechanism that allows 500 TPS to be added to the network for every shard, and the project has a goal of 2,000 shards which would give the network 1 million TPS potential. Transaction fees are about 1000x less than through Ethereum on Harmony. The network is also Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible meaning that it is easy for ETH developers to port their projects over the Harmony.

The other main advantage to Harmony is that you can stake ONE in order to receive a minimum of 3.5% return, with a higher return (over 100%) while there is less Harmony staked across the network and a more realistic return as more validators and delegators stake their ONE. In addition, to be a validator, you only need a 10k ONE stake, which is currently about $3,000 USD, a fairly low barrier for entry. It is especially low when you compare it to something like NEAR, which requires over a million dollars in investment to become a validator.

Disadvantages of Harmony

The only real disadvantage of Harmony is that it is not the only blockchain project aiming to solve scalability and create an ecosystem with low fees and fast transactions.

There is currently a ton of competition in the cryptocurrency sector as multiple projects are all aiming to solve the same thing. While it is unlikely that a single blockchain network will be the choice for the entire world, there is still a ton of market share to grab, and it pays to be faster to market. If another blockchain comes along with a similar offering to Harmony, or something like Ethereum 2.0 solves ETHs issues, then Harmony’s long-term success could be muted.

Harmony ONE Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible that Harmony (ONE) could reach $1. When and if is completely unpredictable, and CryptoVantage provides no investment advice. Research the project and do due diligence before investing in any crypto.

Harmony (ONE) is an interesting crypto project that aims to solve the dilemmas facing generation 1 blockchains such as Bitcoin by creating a network with fast and cheap transactions. There is a lot of good development on the project, and it is worth researching to determine if it is worth investing in.

Harmony (ONE) could be a good investment depending on how the rest of the sector grows. With a low cost per token and a relatively low supply compared to other assets priced higher per unit, there is certainly potential for ONE to be a good investment. However, CryptoVantage provides no investment advice, and you should do due diligence before investing in ONE or any other digital asset.

Harmony (ONE) is available through most major cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, KuCoin and Exchange.

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