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Frankie MacDonald Forecasts Bitcoin Instead of Weather

Frankie MacDonald is a beloved Canadian YouTube personality. Typically, Frankie reports the weather in his signature style of shouting long pronunciations of weather phenomenon. Recently, Frankie has stumbled across Bitcoin. He has published several YouTube videos about the price of bitcoin on his channel that has 250k subscribers. Frankie is rather fixated on the price of bitcoin, but has also struck on some of the points worth mentioning about it.

Hurricane with Bitcoin at eye of the storm

Bitcoin more Valuable than the USD

Frankie accurately points out in the first few seconds of his video titled “My Advice on Bitcoin” that bitcoin is worth more than the USD. What he may or may not realize is that this is not just in terms of the absolute price. Yes, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been on an aggressive upwards trend recently, but the price is just one aspect of the value of bitcoin. What is more interesting than the price, is the finite number of them, or how the technology works. Now that Frankie has discovered bitcoin this week, he is likely to discover the much deeper world of altcoins. In Frankie’s most recent video, he’s discovered Binance. Many Canadian’s (including myself) are eagerly awaiting to see the next phase of bitcoin forecasts to come from Frankie MacDonald.

Influencer Adoption

The coverage of Bitcoin by weatherman Frankie MacDonald indicates a broader trend of bitcoin adoption. Influencers all over the world are becoming fixated on cryptocurrency in one way or another. The recent TikTok Dogecoin meme must have turned on millions of youth to the existence of cryptocurrencies. Recently Bill Burr engaged in a conversation with bitcoin podcaster Anthony Pompilano. Even Elon Musk has thrown his opinion into the TwitterSphere that Dogecoin will form the future financial standard.

The rise in influencers talking about bitcoin and cryptocurrency is crucial. Until recently cryptocurrency has largely existed inside of its own bubble. Most people have heard of bitcoin, but don’t know what it means, or how it works. In order for widespread adoption to take place, we need influencers outside of the crypto community to talk about the many interesting aspects of cryptocurrency. That’s why a niche and obscure weatherman from Nova Scotia talking about bitcoin is significant. Who knows who his 250k subscribers are. The macro effect of this is that people are learning about cryptocurrency through people they already know, like, and trust. With a topic as sensitive as money, it’s important for people to learn the information from people they have an established connection with. Influencers, weatherpeople included, will play a bigger role than many of us would like to admit, in the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency.