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The wave of excitement around NFTs has mostly been about rare pieces of digital art.

But what adds fun and excitement to the currently booming NFT space is the element of surprise that comes with not knowing what exactly would be the value of an NFT you pick up.

Whether you are buying NFTs as a form of investment or as a collector, there are great NFTs you can purchase on the topmost NFT platforms.

Art is a first-of-its-kind digital art platform that allows users to generate digital art NFTs in a unique way such that the digital art content can react to hash outputs generated by the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum’s hash outputs are translated into alphanumerical figures that are generated automatically, forming a never-ending source of activity for the NFTs artwork to react to.

How Does Work? stands out from the existing platforms that allow artists to mint NFTs in that it gives the Artists tools that allow them to create deterministic and unique art projects. With an artist can create a piece of digital art that is constantly changing its state based on the computational activity on the Ethereum blockchain. What’s more, users can interact directly with the piece of art such that each amount of funds they send to the art’s smart contract can generate a repeatable reaction to the nature of the art.

Once a buyer acquires a piece of art, the artists get to select the type of license they will allow with the art piece. The licenses vary from ones that allow full commercial use to those that restrict commercial use of the art piece.

For every project listed on, a fee of 10% is charged. Also, the fee is transferred to the account with every purchase, and a team from selects artists that participate on the platform.

Is Necessary? provides a different use-case perspective for blockchain technology and NFTs in general. Rather than focus on cryptocurrencies or other financial aspects of the novel technology, offers an artistic playground that enables creative ways for interacting with the blockchain.

This is a great way to motivate adoption and bring new users to the blockchain and crypto space. At its core, the project is using blockchain’s bi-product to give artists a unique way of contributing to the growth of the industry. is also generating revenue for artists using NFTs as it also adds an element of transparency to the entire experience. Given the low-quality work produced by most NFT marketplaces, the Artblocks’io team help improve the quality of digital NFT artwork as the market is currently filled with low-quality artwork in the form of NFTs.

Who Created was created by Erik Calderon and Jeff David in 2021. It is the world’s first interactive and generative platform for mounting NFT art pieces transparently and openly.’s creator thought of the idea for the project after claiming CryptoPunks back in 2017. The sale of some of those CryptoZombies funded the development of Artblocks, thus giving NFT art collectors an avenue of having the power to influence the creation of a digital piece of artwork.

How to Mint and Trade Artwork on

Art collectors make up a big part of the Artblocks platform as artists create art with generative scripts and transactions from collectors outputs unique character strings that influence the nature of the art piece.

To get started, users first need to set up a MetaMask wallet as is a decentralized platform. With your wallet funded, connect your MetaMask to the interface and choose a piece of art you want to buy.

There are various projects to choose from. You can pick from Artblocks’ curated art section that includes pieces of artwork carefully selected by the team. These projects are picked by the team for their unique characteristics. You can check out upcoming drops on the discord channel.

Then there is the Playground section which involves experimental projects that are not thoroughly vetters by the team. While there is no guarantee of finding high-value projects in this category, it still serves as a way to support artists in the community.

Lastly, there is the FActory category that features the newest additions to the ecosystem. The factory segment opens the door for the participation of artists from various origins. Artists can have their projects featured here without long approval sessions.

Conclusion: Artblocks is a Completely Different NFT Project

Artblocks is changing the future of NFTs on the blockchain.

However, if a post by the platform’s founder Erick Calderon is anything to go by, art is only the beginning of the project. The founders plan to apply Artblocks’ interactive technology to other sectors such as video games, gambling, and even advertising to mention a few.

The aim as it seems is to create a real-world use case for blockchain technology while harnessing blockchain indirect characteristics.

Jinia Shawdagor

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