Comprehensive Jaxx Liberty Wallet Review (2020)

The Jaxx Liberty Wallet is a premier cryptocurrency wallet app available for desktop and mobile platforms. It offers native support for over 80 different cryptocurrency assets with third-party support for even more. The Jaxx Liberty Wallet was originally called the Jaxx Wallet, or Jaxx Classic Wallet, before its current version, and was created by Toronto based blockchain company Decentral. Decentral was founded in 2014 by Anthony Di Iorio, who funded and co-founded Ethereum. The Jaxx Liberty Wallet is now used by millions. Its ease of use, multi-platform support, and host of features within the app have made it popular within the crypto community for experienced and novice users alike.

Jaxx Liberty Overview

Jaxx Liberty

  • Free app
  • Supports 80+ different cryptocurrency assets
  • Used by millions of crypto owners
  • Support for face-scan and fingerprint security on mobile

Pros & Cons

The Benefits PRO's
  • Support for face-scan and fingerprint security on mobile
  • Up to date blockchain news available on app
  • 80+ crypto assets supported within the app
  • 12-word recovery phrase in case of lost or stolen device
The Downside CON's
  • Must already own crypto assets to use wallet
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Cannot make cryptocurrency purchases within wallet
  • No hardware wallet support

Jaxx Liberty at a Glance

Wallet type: Software
Platforms supported: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
Cryptocurrencies supported: 80+ different cryptocurrencies
Price: Free to download
Size of app: 46mb
Released: 2018
Pin code protected: Yes
Frequency of updates: Medium
Trust rating: High

Beginner Perspective of Jaxx Liberty

The Jaxx Liberty Wallet is easy to use, but due to its inability to allow users to purchase crypto assets directly through the app using their own fiat, it is not the best wallet for beginners. This is in contrast to the Atomic Wallet, which allows the user to purchase crypto assets within the app using their bank card. However, if a user has already purchased crypto assets through a centralized or decentralized exchange, the Jaxx Liberty Wallet has an easy to use interface that is user-friendly. In conjunction with its ease of use, the built-in blockchain explorer, portfolio, market data, and current blockchain news allows the wallet’s users to be more informed of the current state of the cryptocurrency market than other wallets. The Jaxx Liberty Wallet is more suited to intermediate crypto users.

Jaxx Liberty Mobile Wallet

Best Features

The best features of the Jaxx Liberty Wallet are that it is a free app, it has a built-in blockchain explorer, contains up to date market data, provides ShapeShift for exchanging assets, supports over 80 cryptocurrencies, contains current blockchain news, and has a portfolio view for looking at your assets.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet Cryptocurrency Portfolio

The wallet is free to use apart from the market value transaction costs required to make an exchange, meaning the wallet is accessible to all. It also supports a wide-range of platforms, while offering password security with a 12-word recovery phrase as backup should your device be lost or stolen. Providing users with the ability to truly track the market and explore the blockchain within the app, the Jaxx Liberty Wallet fosters a high level of awareness of the current market without forcing users to leave the app. This is furthered by its up to date blockchain news.

Cryptocurrencies Supported

Over 80 crypto assets and tokens are supported by the Jaxx Liberty Wallet including:

For a full and up to date list of supported cryptocurrencies please visit:

Cryptocurrencies available at Jaxx Liberty


The first stage of Jaxx Liberty Wallet’s security is the user-created password. This password is required for access to the wallet, and the mobile app supports face and fingerprint scanning. Backing up the user created password is a randomly generated 12-word backup phrase which can be used to recover access to the wallet if your device is lost or stolen. All data stored on the users’ device or sent when making a transaction is fully encrypted. Jaxx Liberty Wallet is a non-custodial blockchain wallet, meaning you own the keys, and they are encrypted on the users’ device. Jaxx has no access to, or knowledge of your assets or keys.

Supported Operating Systems

The Jaxx Liberty Wallet is available for almost every platform you can think of including Windows, MacOS and Linux. It even includes support for a number of Linux distributions including Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu. On the mobile side it supports both Android and iOS for iPhone and iPad users.

Potential Dealbreakers

The main downsides of the Jaxx Liberty Wallet are that it does not support as many crypto assets and tokens as other wallets, users cannot purchase assets directly through the app using fiat, support is only available through email and social media contact (no live support), and like all software wallets, if the user loses their backup phrase, they lose access to, and therefore lose, their assets.

Because the Jaxx Liberty Wallet supports under 100 crypto assets, many users may find other wallets, such as Exodus or Atomic Wallet to be more appealing, and therefore they may be likely to choose to use them over Jaxx Liberty.

Jaxx Liberty Frequently Asked Questions

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