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MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a user-friendly interface for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. Ether and ERC-20 tokens can be managed with this wallet, and it is available for both Apple and Android mobile devices. The Ethereum wallet offers new users a high level of simplicity when it comes to opening the wallet for the first time and figuring out how to use it.

Users of MEW are in full control of their own funds, and they are also able to easily purchase Ether from within the app via their bank card or Apple Pay. MEW also offers the ability to switch between multiple accounts for privacy and convenience reasons.

The mobile MEW wallet can be used in combination with to enable a wide range of additional functionality such as accessing various Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols and swapping between tokens.


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  • Easiest wallet for cryptocurrency newcomers to get started with Ethereum
  • platform makes it easy to access all of the applications built on Ethereum
  • Users are in full control of their own private keys
The Benefits PRO's
  • Makes it easier for anyone to use Ethereum for the first time
  • Includes in-depth information on how to use the Ethereum network
  • Users can easily access decentralized applications via
  • Ability to purchase ETH and swap tokens within the mobile app
  • Users can sign messages with their Ethereum addresses, proving ownership over their coins
  • Supports hardware wallets
The Downside CON's
  • Buying or exchanging tokens via MyEtherWallet comes with relatively high fees
  • Missing some advanced security features such as multi-signature transactions and two-factor authentication

MyEtherWallet at a Glance

Wallet type: Software
Platforms supported: Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS
Price: Free
Cryptocurrencies supported: Ether and all ERC-20 tokens
Size of app: 24MB
Released: 2015
Frequency of updates: Medium
Trust Rating: High

Beginner Perspective of MyEtherWallet

MEW is the best wallet to use if you are new to the Ethereum network. There is a lot of hand holding for the new user when the app is first downloaded to make sure that the user is not overwhelmed by a bunch of blockchain terminology. For example, the fact that a user is in full control of their own money and has no one to run to if something goes wrong is clearly explained during the setup process.

It’s also easy for new users to get their first cryptocurrency tokens via this wallet software. A debit card attached to a bank account or Apple Pay can be used to purchase some Ether. Although there are high fees involved in this process, it makes it very simple for new users to get started with Ethereum. Once the user has some ETH, they are able to swap those coins for any ERC-20 tokens found on the Ethereum network.

Once a user has their tokens, they can browse to learn about how these tokens can be used in decentralized applications. For example, well-known applications like the Ethereum Name Service and MakerDAO are available on the main dashboard.

Best Features

MyEtherWallet’s best feature is that it is focused on making it as easy as possible for people who are new to cryptocurrency to get started with Ethereum. This focus on simplicity makes it not a wallet just for users of Ethereum, but also anyone who wants to learn more about the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. In addition to a simple and easy-to-understand user interface, MEW also comes with a large amount of educational material for users to consume.

Although there are high fees for buying or exchanging cryptocurrency from within the MEW app, the reality is the simplified exchange process makes it much easier for new cryptocurrency users to gain access to their first crypto assets.

In addition to offering plenty of features for crypto newbies, MyEtherWallet also allows users to access a variety of powerful decentralized applications. Whether someone wants to purchase an ENS domain, manage their Crypto Kitties, or acquire DAI, all of this functionality is available via the web portal.

What Cryptocurrencies are Supported?

MyEtherWallet is an Ethereum-focused wallet, so all of the tokens supported are related to Ethereum in some way. The wallet can be used to store Ether, ERC-20 tokens, and non-fungible tokens (crypto collectibles). MEW also supports the ability for users to swap ETH for BTC using their partner service Bity, however, the user must provide a different wallet to receive the Bitcoin from the swap.

A partial list of tokens supported by MEW includes:


When it comes to a wallet that is focused on a simple user experience, it is sometimes difficult to find the right balance in terms of security for users. MyEtherWallet does a solid job of explaining the complexities of owning your own private keys to its users, and a persisting warning to write down a backup ‘keyphrase’ stays on the homepage of the mobile app until the user goes through the backup process.

MEW also supports a wide variety of hardware wallets, which makes it much easier for users to protect their coins from nefarious hackers. In addition to the well-known brands of Ledger and Trezor, MyEtherWallet also supports these hardware wallets: KeepKey, CoolWallet, FINNEY, BitBox, Xwallet, Secalot, and BC Vault.

If a user decides to use their mobile device as their main storage solution via the Android or iOS app, then their private keys will be encrypted and stored on the phone.

There has been one major security incident in MyEtherWallet’s history; however, the successful attack was made by redirecting site visitors to a look-alike site that coaxed users into giving up their credentials. MEW users lost $150,000 worth of crypto tokens in the attack.

It should also be noted that, as a light client, MyEtherWallet relies on Infura to provide information to its users. In the past, this sort of centralization around Infura has been a key criticism of wallets like MEW, which are rather prevalent on Ethereum as a whole.

Supported Operating Systems

MyEtherWallet can be access via a web browser in any desktop environment, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Mobile applications are also available for Android and Apple smartphones.

Potential Dealbreakers

If you’re someone who wants to remain in the Ethereum ecosystem, then there are a few reasons why you may eventually want to choose a different wallet solution. For example, an Ethereum user may want to opt for a different wallet if they’re interested in running their own full node (i.e. running the code that supports the Ethereum ecosystem). Additionally, those who want to gain access to two-factor authentication or multi-signature transactions will need to look for a different solution. The fees associated with making swaps and trades via this platform can also be a dealbreaker.

That said, the main dealbreaker for most people with this wallet will be that it only supports Ethereum tokens and applications. If you’re someone who wishes to hold a wide variety of cryptocurrency, then you’ll want to go for a different option. This wallet also isn’t a very good option if you’re interested in using Bitcoin, which is still by far the world’s most liquid and popular crypto asset.

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